video card upgrade

  dolerman 00:33 07 Nov 2007

i am considering upgradeing my pc to vista premium.i have run the upgrade advisor tool every thing seems fine apart from my video card will not be able to run says i will need to upgraded is this an easy task? where does it go?.

  jakimo 03:17 07 Nov 2007
  keef66 12:57 07 Nov 2007

It's an easy job if your pc has a graphics card slot. Most do, but some which rely on onboard graphics, cannot be upgraded because the motherboard lacks the neccessary expansion slot.

  dolerman 20:05 07 Nov 2007

my pc is a hp dc5700 microtower it is a modern as an intel graphics card this computer model i understand also uses nvidia cards as well so i should have a choice shouldent i?.

  umbongo(uk) 00:01 08 Nov 2007

its marketed as a buisness computer
so gfx arnt high on its upgrade aganda

click here

PCI expansion slot

PCI Express x1 expansion slot

ADD2/SDVO expansion slot (note this is not a pci-e grafix slot even tho it looks like one)

from technical manual on 5700

NOTE The dc5700 platform only supports the use of normal (or non-reversed) layout ADD2
(Advanced Digital Display 2) adapter cards inserted into the SDVO (Serial Digital Video Output)
connector on the platform's system board. ADD2 cards are used to give multi-monitor capabilities
to the integrated graphics controller.
The ADD2/SDVO connector on the system board has the physical appearance of a PCI Express
x16 connector; however, the platform does NOT support the use of conventional PCI Express
cards or reversed-layout ADD2 cards.

so your stuck with only pci gfx which cost twice as much as agp and pci-e and have less graphical power than their newer parts tht cost the same

the only one i know tht will run aero is the pci 6200 but its a case of finding one tht will fit the case . it will have to be low profile and no bigger than these dimensions, low profile card that is less than 17.46 mm long

  umbongo(uk) 00:15 08 Nov 2007

ok your in luck i found tht some companys do a 7300gt in pci-e x1 slot format

look at links for a better idea of what im talking about
click here
click here

the thing is now you have to find a shop selling them and check the size,s out

  umbongo(uk) 00:15 08 Nov 2007

and ati 1300

  umbongo(uk) 00:42 08 Nov 2007

click here

some price,s on the pci-e x1 cards
as you can see there quite expensive
or youu can look for one of these .you can simpley unscrew the vga plate to make it fit if the length isnt too long to fit inside your comp
click here

also i spotted this but again youll have to check out sizes
click here

srry but thats as far as i can help

  dolerman 01:25 08 Nov 2007

you mean keep installed grapics card.4 or 6 emty pci slots what do i do

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