Video Card Problem?

  musopoet 11:40 23 May 2007

Recently installed new graphics card and have noticed that the minimise and maximise icons on the title bar are not being displayed clearly when viewing any document or web page. All I can see is three square icons containing what look like thousands of coloured tiny pixles.

Also, my PC has began to crash unexplainably. It boots up, Windows XP appears and then, when I click and try to open any application, it crashes. I then have to boot up PC, sometimes three or four times, before I am able to continue without problems.

Anyone know what could be causing this?

  Tribal-Wolf 11:46 23 May 2007

Did you uninstall all the drivers for your old card and have you got the latest drivers for the new one? There are many variables to consider so more info would help.

  musopoet 12:07 23 May 2007

Not sure if the drivers for the old card were uninstalled - new card was installed in computer shop - but I'll check.

Yes drivers for new card were installed.

Prior to above problem had to purchase new monitor too - old monitor suddenly went off. Before this had been experiencing problems such as monitor screen suddenly widening and zapping out for a short period of time.

When I took old graphics card to shop it worked on their 'test' computer but continued to malfunction on my pc, which they found baffling. Took the easy option and had new card installed.

  musopoet 12:14 23 May 2007

Yes - it looks like old drivers have been uninstalled.

Was also informed in shop that on- board graphics was avialable but decided to have new card installed. Not sure if on-board graphics has been de-activated. How do I check?

  donki 12:22 23 May 2007

"System" and then "device manager" then "hardware", from the control panel. Should display all the hardware installed on the computer. Then look for the onboard GFX and ur new card. Making sure that each one is disabled and and enabled respectively.

  jay.p 12:50 23 May 2007

as you have tried most things , i would try to borrow a graphics card from someone to see if it is the agp/pci slot in your motherboard that may be duff.perhaps it may just need blowing out.
i think your card working in the shops pc may mean it's your card slot at fault.

  musopoet 13:54 23 May 2007

What do you mean by 'blowing out' in relation to the graphics card? Does this mean I'll have to replace mother board?

  musopoet 12:38 24 May 2007

Everything was fine today - can't work this out! Could it be my card/agp/pci slot that's to blame?

The remedy?

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