Video card has dvi-i dual link connection .....

  woofwoofbark 11:34 18 Jan 2011

I want to hook my comp (Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS) up to my hdtv ( LG 37LH3000) ... can i use a dvi-d dual link to hdmi cable and plug it into my video card which has 2 dvi-i dual link female connections ?

I ask because I have found a website the includes a free audio cable along side the dvi-d to hdmi cable... click here

Im on windows vista.

Is the above cable suitable for my needs ?

cheers for any info

  GaT7 13:43 18 Jan 2011

Yes, should be fine.

What kind of cable lengths are you looking for?

E.g. 1.5m length cables for both are just over £6 at 7dayshop (compared to £10 in your link), with the free delivery option:

DVI-HDMI cable (1.5m) click here = £3.29

3.5mm Jack to 2x Phono (RCA) (1.5m ) click here = 2.99

I have used them a few times with no problems. Items are sent from Guernsey. G

  woofwoofbark 17:47 19 Jan 2011

I have the comp in the room and the tv is in the livingroom so I've bought 5m cable's from ebay ...

dvi to hdmi £4.85 click here

audio £2.19 click here

Once they arrive and I've connectd them I'll report back on how I got on.

I just wanted to know if the coonections dvi-i and dvi-d would work together , thanks for letting me know.

Much appreciated.

  GaT7 18:15 19 Jan 2011

Isn't that great value! I'm sometimes reluctant to suggest eBay as I think there are mostly posh people on here.

About DVI-I & DVI-D, I think you'd be OK either way. See the connector types at click here: in your case the 4th pic (DVI-D dual of the cable) needs to plug into the 2nd pic (DVI-I dual of the graphics card).

They are all male configurations pictured there, but the same still applies if one was male (which your cable is) & the other was female (which your graphics card is). G

  northumbria61 18:44 19 Jan 2011


"I'm sometimes reluctant to suggest eBay as I think there are mostly posh people on here."

No, I am just an ordinary guy with one aim - to help people out on here if I possibly can - from what I have seen from your "inputs" you also have the same aim. AND I do use E-bay. Just thought you ought to know. Let's all keep up the good work. This a great Forum!

  GaT7 18:53 19 Jan 2011

Thanks northumbria61, I use also eBay & only an ordinary guy too. I think another forum regular who uses eBay is spuds (or is it rawprawn?). G

  northumbria61 22:14 19 Jan 2011

Crossbow7 - I have purchased a few things from Ebay and been satisfied - but I have sold more on there thanI have bought. Good way of making a bit cash for items no longer needed.

  woofwoofbark 09:40 22 Jan 2011

Firstly ,I dont mind using ebay , especially for computer leads. At £7 I think its a real bargain , that and the fact that I have the comp hooked up to the hdtv now with sound coming through the hifi speakers !!!

1080P 16:9 60Hz , I wouldnt mind getting a big screen for the bedroom in time , this is fun lol.

Checking facebook and youtube on a 37" is cool.

Thanks for your help!

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