video card experts please help

  KosNic 11:50 21 May 2003

Almost ready to purchase my new computer. The video card I figure that suits my budget is either the Asus Ti4200 or ATI Radeon 9500Pro (128 mb). I'm just after a reasonably good card, but have no idea which one to choose. Any help suggestions etc greatly appreciated.

[Am getting 2.67ghz Pentium4; Asus P4PE motherboard; 512 mb ram & XP Pro & I have kids who play the odd game]

  desmondo 13:18 21 May 2003

Can't decide for you, but the only advice I could offer is that the Nvidia drivers seem to be (by concensus of opinion) much less hassle than ATI.

  KosNic 13:24 21 May 2003

Thanks... I know the decision is mine ultimately but the advice/opinions etc received from here helps a great deal. I'm thinking the 3 year warranty with the Asus card sounds good too.

magazine reviews lately would tend to suggest that the ATI card is a better performer than the n-vidia one. i've never used an ATI card so dont know about the drivers but the n-vidia detonator drivers have never given me hassle. either way they are both good cards for playing the "odd" game.

  maby66 15:30 21 May 2003

I would suggest asking this question in a forum such as click here.
They have a specific area for graphics cards and if it is gaming performance you are interested in these guys will have a good idea of the relative merits of these two cards in particular.

Personally, my choice is any flavour of Radeon 9700 - without spending the megabucks for a pro or 9800, you can get exceptional gaming performance. Would expect you need to spend about £180-£200 for one.
It can then be soft modded (with only a small amount of knowledge) to give the capability of a 9700 pro.

  KosNic 23:51 21 May 2003

Thanks for the site, will check it out tonight .. work calls now :(. The Radeon Pro seems to be more popular with what I have read so far.

  kane_2002k 00:16 22 May 2003

will out perform the geforce ti4200, if you plan on using FSAA and anisotropic filtering to improve quality of the graphics (not just quantity of frames per second), then the ti4200 can't hold a candle to the ATI card, with these enabled. My choice would be the radeon 9500 pro. (do not get the 9600 pro if u can help it, 9500 pro is by far a more superior card below is a link to previous post on this forum where a similar topic is debated.)

click here

  hugh-265156 00:37 22 May 2003

Am getting 2.67ghz Pentium4; Asus P4PE motherboard; 512 mb ram & XP Pro & I have kids who play the odd game]

nice system! if your serious about gaming and wanting to get the best out of you system then the 9700 or 9800 ati cards would be fantastic coupled with this.

however a buget alternative like the 4200ti or the radeon 9000pro is still good for everyday gaming at sensible resolutions and frame rates and will save you some money and will still be ok for a while yet.

  KosNic 07:31 22 May 2003

I am sure I will have the best computer that my budget will allow... thanks to all who contributed their time to help me.


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