Video card again

  GazMaz 18:44 10 Sep 2006

Back to a couple of previous recent posts and thanks to Skell how initially helped and then to Streetwork for the help.
So the story is original card funny sounds fan going kaput. Get new fan great idea hadn't thought of that, get new fan hole fixing's not the same. Ah dodgy card obviously, he ho. Return fan for credit.
Yes I know I shouldn't have but what looked like a perfectly fine card through ebay again a 9600XT 256MB so I went for it.
All looked fine until I tried to install drivers to get some (older 3d) Games running. Well streetwork knows what I went through and failed, OK so card gone back for credit (a reduced credit it was ebay but a credit all the same), lesson there I know don't tell me.

So my original post was asking about AGP cards and I'm back to that stage, here's a breakdown of my system and I'd like some recommendations, heaviest games are FarCry (original), and my girls play SIMS2, I occasionally get out TOCA2 sad I know....
Win 2K
MB A7V600-X (most recent Bios)
AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.2GHz
SB Live 24-bit Sound card.
Not sure much else to tell.

I have seen a setup where 2 80 mm fans connected together situated below the Graphics card blowing air over it not sure this will be OK if I disengaged the cards fan.

Any recommendations?

  citadel 19:08 10 Sep 2006

you can now get a 7600gt agp. this will play any game well.

  STREETWORK 19:20 10 Sep 2006

Hiya GazMaz...

You can get cards with their own fan built, but you need to ensure they fit in the intended space. I run an old 128mb ATI 9000 pro card and the games you mention play with no problem on it. There are plenty of choices and it can be daunting to choose one. Cost can vary so shop around, Sapphire cards are a good choice as well as Nvidia. Go for what you can afford and they are cheaper on the net, try or

Just avoid any which use system RAM to boost performance...

  GazMaz 20:49 10 Sep 2006

Thanks guys I'll go looking problem seems that everything is moving to PCI express and getting hold of one of these (a real one not a pirated copy) seems to be harder and harder, a working second hand one is fine!.
I'll let you know how I get on...

  Stuartli 21:14 10 Sep 2006

nVidia doesn't make graphics cards - only the chipsets - although it does offer some products. The chipsets are used by graphics card manufacturers.


click here

  Totally-braindead 21:39 10 Sep 2006

If you want an AGP graphics card that will play everything out there (at the moment) then go for this click here as an example if you're like me and are happy to play everything at 1024 x 768 then save some cash and get something like this click here . I'm not really sure why you would want to disengage the graphics card fan. Is this what you want to do?
Sorry but I'm a bit confused with the bit you say at the end "I have seen a setup where 2 80 mm fans connected together situated below the Graphics card blowing air over it not sure this will be OK if I disengaged the cards fan."
My answer to this would be no, it wouldn't be ok, the card would overheat.

  GazMaz 08:11 11 Sep 2006

Sorry but I didn't say (it says in the original post but I should have repeated), the fan on the card makes a racket obviously the bearings have or are going, but I could keep the heatsink on and knock up 2 fans below pointing toward the card!

  Stuartli 09:39 11 Sep 2006

The fan on the graphics card is helping to disperse heat directly and, s Totally-braindead points out, just directing cool air towards it will not be effective.

Otherwise you wouldn't need a fan fitted directly to some graphics cards...:-)

  GazMaz 10:53 11 Sep 2006

OK so I went to my box of PC bits and dug out mu old ASUS V8170 DDR 64mb card, and although the fonts are a little odd, that can get corrected, at least temp I'm back up, as the 9600xt original card (the one I was trying to change the fan on) started failing every 5 mins.
So now at least I can take my time getting a new card.
Phew,,,, turn on your PC and a whole new world opens!

  GazMaz 15:37 11 Sep 2006

OK guys final update the 64mb MX440 Geforce card I dug out of my box plays FarCry not on highest setting's but not the lowest either, all I can say is poo, if only I'd saved time money and effort and tried it at the start.
He ho that's what happens. I originally changed the card because it wouldn't play FarCry, however I'd since updated some other components like ram MB Processor. It's all about timing I suppose. So until I do a complete upgrade. I'll stay as is!

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