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  denali 15:46 24 Nov 2005

My son Has an Advent PC P4 2.8 XP home. It came with a 128mem graphics card He bought a new card Nvidia with 256 memory for better gaming. When we installed it the screen stayed blank. It is a TFT monitor with an odd shaped (that's the best I can do) connection at one end and an ordinary video adapter at the other which We plugged into the PC. I know the card is good because we tried it on my PC. Anyone please tell me what is wrong?

  PaulB2005 15:48 24 Nov 2005

Was the original card an nVidia?

What colour are the connectors?

  denali 15:54 24 Nov 2005

PaulB2005 Yes the original was Nvidia GForce 5200 128mem
The new one is G Force FX5700 256mem. The connector to the monitor is white and blue to the PC

  PaulB2005 16:02 24 Nov 2005

The card shuold work because nVidia has Unified Drivers (i.e one set of drivers for all it's products) so not a driver problem.

Going to have to think about this...

  denali 16:06 24 Nov 2005

PaulB2005.Just noticed the light on the monitor glows orange, according to the manual this is power off, yet the fan on the graphics card is spinning, so it is obviously power off to the monitor only. Could it be the cable.?

  PaulB2005 16:19 24 Nov 2005

Orange means he monitor has power but no signal from the card.

Can you check the cable or swap the old card back in and see if that works?

  DieSse 16:21 24 Nov 2005

Strange cable - white is usually DVI and blue VGA.

Is this the cable you've always used?

Is it the same way round that you've always used?

What connectors do you have on the TFt and on the graphics card - can you list them all please?

  denali 16:31 24 Nov 2005

The old card works fine. We are using it now. Always used this cable. Can only go one way round. connectors on the TFT are this oddly shaped one only, both an ordinary adapter and this odd shaped one on the card

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 24 Nov 2005

Do the connectors look like this click here

  DieSse 22:26 24 Nov 2005

Can you tell us the exact model of the old graphics card please.

Can you check in the monitor settings (in the monitor setup, not in the PC) as to whether it's currently set to ise analogue or digital input pls.

I suspect the problem is to do with the graphics card operating in one mode and the monitos set to operate in the other - and that your old card is a bit odd in that respect.

It may be that a DVI - DVI cable will fix things. Or switching the monitor into the other mode than it's currently working in.

  denali 22:34 24 Nov 2005

Thank you all so much for your help. Stupid error I'm afraid. After installing the new card the pins to the connector on the monitor worked loose (hadn't tightened them). Now working perfectly. Once again thank you. I apologise for my error.

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