video capture for laptops

  snooker 21:09 10 Mar 2003

I am about to set up my XP laptop to edit video.
I will probably use Movie Maker 2 but does anyone care to suggest a reaonable PCMCIA card
for video capture.

  Belatucadrus 22:09 10 Mar 2003

click here This do ?

  snooker 22:58 10 Mar 2003

Thanks Belatucadrus
I'll check it out

  snooker 14:50 12 Mar 2003

No luck Belatucadrus

What you suggested only gives me a firewire connection and I've already got that.

I have found video-capture products that connect via USB but I was hoping for a simpler and faster connection.

I think that slot-in types used to be available.
Does anyone know of one?

  snooker 10:37 13 Mar 2003

It's just been explained to me that having FIREWIRE I don't need a seperate video capture device!
Now I see what you were getting at Belatucadrus.

Any other comments welcome.

  cherria 10:43 13 Mar 2003

Firewire is all you need as long as your camcorder/other video device has a firewire /IEEE1394 / iLink connection. Older or cheaper camcorders may have s-video out in which case you'll need a video capture card.

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