Video capture

  Severn Bore 19:30 20 Feb 2003

Can anyone plese tell me what cables or devices I need to upload video from an anologue digicam onto my PC for editing with ArcSoft Video Impression.
Recommendations for the cheapest most effective video capture devices would be very welcome.

  PA28 19:57 20 Feb 2003

Provided that you have connections on your camcorder to output to a TV, etc, then any analogue capture card (and, I think, many TV cards) will do the trick. They generally accept phono inputs. Have a look here click here

  fitcher 21:14 20 Feb 2003

you must have a card (pci) some tv cards have the outlet on them .first look at your cam corder .has it got s vidio outlet .has it got fire wire outlet (lates digital cameras have one )has the tv card got an s vidio conection .if you have an fire wire on your camera .all you need is a fire wire card eee-1394
about twenty pounds /there is also a pinnacle pci card at about twentyseven pounds .to do the job and it has software included .check it for outlet.I could not find a cable with firewire to s.vidio connection .onlyfire wire to digital connection .hope this helps you

  kuhbler 07:29 21 Feb 2003

It's possible that you may be able to get an adapter to fit onto your video card that will allow you to input and output an analogue video signal.

My MSI G4 Ti4600 came with a little adapter thing that plugs into the S-Video port on the card. I can input either an S-Video signal or normal Video signal and output the same as well. I've used this for recording in TV programs and analogue camcorder, and I use it to play my DVD's onto the TV.

  Severn Bore 14:27 21 Feb 2003

Thanks for advice received so far. A friend tells me it is possible to buy an adapter that links the video cam to the PC via a USB port. Anyone heard of this please?

  Ç̧ÇØ 15:06 21 Feb 2003

What is the make and model of your Camcorder?

  lacker 15:28 21 Feb 2003

The device you are referring to is a 'Dazzle Hollywood Video bridge' connects by USB to your computer,and converts Anologue into digital.It also caters for Digital camcorders and has all the neccessary ports for connectors.(jacks,s/video,Usb etc).It is expensive, I got mine from PC world,but it is very good at it's job.
If you search for Dazzle etc on web you will find other suppliers that might be cheaper.

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