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  SonnyB 15:39 19 May 2007

I am trying to transfer VHS onto dvd and have purchased a usb video capture device. This allows me to connect my vcr to my pc via usb. However, I cannot get it to play/record as I do not understand how it should be set up, ie in terms of 'input format' and video system etc. Has anyone used one of these who might be able to help please?

  Terry Brown 16:40 19 May 2007

Have you loaded the Video capture software in ?
I assume you are coming from the Scart outlet on your video recorder to the USB on your computer.
You may need to go into settings and tell the video software what device you are using to connect. You may also need to to connect an audio cable from the video card (sound out) to the Computer line in.
Hope this helps.

  eedcam 18:07 19 May 2007

If you have a lot to do well worth getting a dvd recorder and transferring to that

  pj123 18:08 19 May 2007

I have used the Pinnacle Dazzle Fusion USB capture unit. All you have to do is connect the VCR using the leads supplied and plug in the unit to your PC via the USB.

Believe me that is not the best way to go. It will take at least 7 hours to transfer a 3 hour VHS tape.

The best way to go is to buy a standalone DVD recorder and record direct on to DVD. That is the way I do it now.

I have the Lite On LVW 5026 (not available anymore) but there are plenty of others that will do the job.

Have a look here:

click here

  SonnyB 19:52 19 May 2007

Many thanks all. I am using a usb capture device and connecting my vcr via its composite output to my pc, but I cannot get a picture on my pc. Is this connection UYVY or YUY2 or RGB24 and which version of PAL should it be set to. As ever, instructions are useless and the options are bewildering. Since I have just paid £30 for it I would like some use out of it.

  Newuser939 11:12 20 May 2007

You may, of course, have to use very specific software with the device. For example, I have a fairly old Pinnacle USB Moviebox (which does the same job as you are talking about), but it will only capture using Pinnacle software.

  pj123 16:35 20 May 2007

As Newuser939, says. You also need capture software. I use Pinnacle Studio 9. I also have Nero 6 which has a Video Capture module, although I have never used it capture video.

What is the USB Capture Device you have? Did it not come with any software?

A bit more info on what you are using would help.

  SonnyB 16:54 20 May 2007

The device came with software which I have installed. It is called PVR Plus and has a settings panel and preview screen on which the video should be displayed. I have set this to composite but there are also settings for UYVY, YUY2, RGB24 and a number of PAL versions, ie PAL DK,I,M,N. The instructions give no guidance on which of these to use, and after much experimentation I still cannot get the VCR to play through the pc.

  pj123 17:29 20 May 2007

But what is the USB Capture Device called and where did you get it?

Give us a link?

  SonnyB 17:47 20 May 2007

It was bought from ebay. If you search for item number 320113741639, you will see exactly what it is.
Thanks for your help and interest.

  pj123 18:28 20 May 2007

Have checked the Item number and it says "Comes complete with Ulead's MovieFactory" which is the capture software. Did you install Ulead Moviefactory?

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