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  Ant two 20:54 15 Aug 2005

Can anyone suggest what may be causing poor quality audio when I edit my video. I am running Windows XP SP2, with all updates, with an Athlon xp1700 processor and the software I have tried is Windows Movie Maker, Serif Movie Maker V1 both with the same results.
The video quality is fine, no dropped frames but the audio, while quite good has little "gaps". If audio was recorded in frames, it would be like a couple of dropped frames every few seconds.
I have now tried Serif Movie Maker V4 with very similar results except the "gaps" are filled with high pitched squeaks.
I capture the video from a Samsung DV recorder via firewire and my sound card is a PCI soundblaster 128. I also have onboard audio, AC97 but all the video software defaults to the Soundblaster card and doesn't allow me to select the onboard.

  Completealias 22:19 15 Aug 2005

Have you disabled on the onboard sound from the BIOS if not you should do this, may not help with the dropped audio but can cause conflicts so could be some of the cause.

  woodchip 22:33 15 Aug 2005

Make sure that one or other of the sound cards is disabled. You can do this in Device Manager

  BBW 07:44 16 Aug 2005

I had a similar problem. It was due to the Audio bit rate not being the same as the editing programme. Mine would not sync. with the picture. It was recorded at 12kb and the edit program was at 44kb.

  Ant two 21:48 16 Aug 2005

Hi there Completealias, thanks for the suggestion but I have already tried this.

  Ant two 21:49 16 Aug 2005

Hi there woodchip, fraid I've tried this one as well.

  Ant two 21:53 16 Aug 2005

BBW, I had tried recording in 12bit and 16bit audio which made no difference. I've just tried playing with the bit rates through the editing software. It's default rate is 32 bit on playback, which does sync with the video. I tried upping it and lowering it but it just speeds up or slows down the audio playback. I cannot select which bit rate it captures at, it just defaults to the settings for microsoft DV.

  Stuartli 22:50 16 Aug 2005

Are you using Windows Movie Maker 2.1?

You can download it from:

click here

Support articles at:

click here*&Sz=movie

  Ant two 21:10 17 Aug 2005

Hi there Stuartli, the version I am using is 2.1.4026.0

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