Video and Audio out of sync

  cheeseandpickles 11:45 12 Jun 2008

I posted on here recently about hooking my laptop to my tv. This is done and i have sound and video, i've done this by using and RGB link and a 3.5mm audio cable.

My problem now though is that when i try to play music, the sound is fine, however when trying to play films, tv shows, etc. i seem to get the sound about 2/3 seconds before the visuals, REALLY ANNOYING.

Any ideas would be gratefully recieved, thanks.

  eedcam 13:30 12 Jun 2008

Can be fixed on recorded material but assume you are watching live .Probable cause the video needs processing the audio does'nt hence it is ahead of the video .You can get an amp that will sort it but at over a £100 its a no no.. Better route would have beeen a tv card

  cheeseandpickles 14:17 12 Jun 2008

The programs and films etc. i'm trying to watch are dowloaded and are on my laptops harddrive. How would i fix this? Thanks

  cheeseandpickles 14:18 12 Jun 2008

Sorry forgot to say when i watch them on my laptop with a different screen resolution they seem to work fine, however when i change the screen resolution in order to get the desktop displayed on my tv this is when i have the problesm

  eedcam 14:30 12 Jun 2008

Sorry misread your first post so this is video on the pc that is out of sync when you watch it on the tv. Not sure about that one If its in sync on the pc

  Terry Brown 14:37 12 Jun 2008

It sounds as if your laptop is not powerful enough to run the films at (I assume) a higher resulation when using the cable system to your TV.

Can you get a Scart connector for your TV with the video /Audio cables (try Maplins) as this may solve the problem.

  Ditch999 15:38 12 Jun 2008

If you use VLC Media Player click here it has the ability to time delay audio and also to increase the file cache click here which should solve the problem.

  cheeseandpickles 22:19 12 Jun 2008

Thanks, i actually just updated to the latest edition of VLC and it seems to play my files perfectly now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though.

  David4637 15:19 15 Jun 2008

Can the out of sync be fixed permanently in VLC, or do you have to alter any time delay setting very time you play the same file in VLC? Thanks David

  David4637 14:32 16 Jun 2008


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