chico2k 19:24 14 Jul 2003

Hi im new to this web design stuff so please excuse me if im talking rubbish

Have just made a site using dreamweaver 3

and would like to add some small edited video's
on one of the pages (small being less than 1mb)

would like it to open from the page in windows media player

is this possible ?

could someone recomend some reading on this ive searched google for the last few hours but cant find what im looking for .


  oliverdore 19:34 14 Jul 2003

Do you mean have the video load up in Windows Media Player when a link is clicked?


Have the video play on the page when a link is clicked?



  chico2k 19:48 14 Jul 2003


Pref on the page its self


  oliverdore 02:24 15 Jul 2003

I'm not sure, but this might help:

click here

You need to be looking for 'Embedding Video into a Web Page'

If you'd had no luck by morning, I'll look into it when I get onto the comp again!


  Taran 03:29 15 Jul 2003

What you don't say is the format your video files are in, which can be a governing factor.

Obviously RealPlayer and QuickTime will not be entertained by Windows Media Player and, depending on how you have dealt with your files, certain codecs may be required.

Also keep in mind that only broadband users will be able to view your videos in real time. Even small 1mb files take a few mintues to fully download over narrowband, so autolaunching Media Player won't help if all it will play is a few seconds at a time with a pause between snippets while more of the file downloads.

More details required for an appropriate answer.



  chico2k 10:42 15 Jul 2003

Hi Taran

Files can be anything, normally wmv or mpeg1, but i can easily convert most here to whatever i need them to be. (within reason), my thinking was that most people (those that will be looking at my site friends and family) do have media player which will play wmv or mpeg1 as i understand it, however rather than the usual click on a file and download then open in media player i fancied trying to get them to open from site,(most do have broadband) mainly for my own benefit so that hopefully i can learn a few things along the way .
Any info you have would be appreciated


  chico2k 10:48 15 Jul 2003

Thanks oliverdore

definately the kind of thing im looking for

didnt have the terminology right in my searches

much appreciated


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