pj123 22:51 20 Sep 2003

Having gone into a thread and read the question and all the responses, and maybe made a response myself why, when I hit the back button to get back to the listings do I have to wait about 1 to 2 minutes while something called (1 item remaining) Downloading data http: // www. vibrantmedia . com/ system/ liveintellitxt.asp comes up on my status bar? What is vibrantmedia?
The spaces are deliberate.

  VoG II 22:54 20 Sep 2003

click here - Advertising. It's one of the advertisers that pay for our rich and enjoyable experience on this site.

However, if it could load a bit quicker I would be happier.

  pj123 23:04 20 Sep 2003

Thanks VoG, I did log on to their url and saw it was an ad agency. Yes, I agree with you about loading quicker and I am on BB at 600kbs but it still seems to be somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes before I get back to where I want to be.

  Forum Editor 23:26 20 Sep 2003

that pay for our rich and enjoyable experience, that's done by the companies who advertise here, on the PCA site.

Vibrant media is an advertising agency, but one which specialises in online advertising of the type you see here.

  VoG II 23:29 20 Sep 2003

I stand corrected.

It does seem to delay the loading of pages - presumably a problem "at their end".

  pj123 23:36 20 Sep 2003

Forum Editor,so is it an intrusion or one you endorse?

  tbh72 01:21 21 Sep 2003

Actually reading their website in more detail reveals why it takes so long for that pesky little file / procedure to load...!!! It's really quite clever, and if you think about the processing involved in bringing YOU the audience relevant & worth while unintrusive advertising it really is quite fast and efficient.

May'be they should employ Mr Vog to look over their code and tweak it a little, on the other hand as we probably spend a few minutes browsing the index of the forum's I guess the speed of their system isn't a problem...!!!

  Forum Editor 02:01 21 Sep 2003

Inevitably, page loading times will be affected - although we hope it isn't by much.

pj123 - Whether or not you call it an intrusion depends on your point of view. As has been said many, many times before, we must have advertising on this site if it is to continue - it's simply too expensive otherwise. Vibrant media is one of the leaders in this field, and we hope that the advertising on the site is both appropriate and acceptable. The words 'advertising' and 'unobtrusive' are mutually exclusive really, and our hope is that site visitors and advertisers can co-exist.

  Valvegrid 07:48 21 Sep 2003

My ISP is NTL 150K the browser I use is Avant and when I'm generally surfing around I always run with the following turned OFF; Enable ActiveX, Enable Sripts and Enable Java Applets, also pop-ups blocked. With all these off, it takes less than 1 second to go back to the Helproom listings from this page. It takes less than 2 seconds to load a new page. If I need to turn them back on it takes just two clicks, Tools>Disable/Enable.

You can turn these off in IE6 and add a pop-up stopper, but still not as fast as Avant for some reason.


  pj123 12:23 21 Sep 2003

FE, yes I agree there must be advertising to keep the site going. Thanks to everone else for the comments. Now I know it's supposed to be there I'm happy. I will tick this thread.

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