VHS Recorder to PC?

  graham 19:20 03 Jan 2003
  graham 19:20 03 Jan 2003

Having failed to find a TV card that will not cause my PC to fall over, can I use my Video Recorder to put TV on my monitor? I assume some sort of graphics card would be required, but is there one that would let me change the size and position of the TV picture?

  Spook Tooth 19:40 03 Jan 2003

I don't know what you've tried already but I think a TV card is the only way you'll be able to do what you are hoping to achieve.

Used both USB based (Hauppauge) and PCI (internal) TV cards and have to say that it can be a little hit and miss, but you should find something suitable with a little trial and error.

I opted for a PCI card (Pinnacle) with FM radio, teletext and remote (from Ebuyer) as the USB model caused problems for internet surfing with TV on. Look at the supplied software and go for mpeg4 encoding if you have any desire for using PC as a VCR.

You can easily route a VCR through a TV card, external or internal, though I suspect that only graphics card with built in TV tuner (like some ATI Radeons (model 8700?) can do the job. They are usually quite pricey.

You don't mention OS or where you had past difficulties with the installation/operation - maybe someone here can help.

  graham 19:51 03 Jan 2003

I've tried Hauppauge usb, Pinnacle internal (two versions) and ATI Radeon on two different computers, ME and XP. Every time it was OK at first, but after a while (two days with the ATI) everything came crashing down with error messages, lock-ups and failing to load windows. On removing the devices everything was OK. I've resolved to buy a portable TV but wanted to try this avenue first.

  ellas 23:01 03 Jan 2003

I been having the same prob,but I've found one that works,recorded from vid no probs,got it a maplin for £39-99 but think its gone up in price click here

  AMD_MAN23 23:21 03 Jan 2003

first of all check that your video card does not have VIVO (Video In, Video Out) i have it on mine and it is pretty good as i can watch a video on one of my monitor's while surfing on the other.


  Totally-braindead 00:33 04 Jan 2003

I too had TV tuner card problems, the first 3 I had just wouldn't work with my system. The last one EUREKA it worked. A Hauppauge Win TV PCI. More basic than the others I tried ie no remote but it works and the pics pretty good too.

  ton 02:35 04 Jan 2003

I also have Win TV GO PCI. Works well, excellent picture (in full screen if needed). No problems at all.

  Spook Tooth 20:28 08 Jan 2003

graham, that's weird. Sounds like a generalised problem, I wonder if it could have been a power supply failure (overloaded with card's needs)? That's only suggestion I can think of, other than IRQ allocation and ME. XP does the former though...

Looks as though you'll have to get a portable tv set then. If it's any consolation at all, then my own Pinnacle card is giving me grief also - I sometimes wonder if having TV capability on PC is worth all the trouble.

  graham 20:47 08 Jan 2003

Thanks, everyone agrees it's weird. I have posted today about a new purchase, Dazzle Fusion, with which I hoped to utilize my VHS recorder to achieve some success, can't get it to work!

  Graham. 22:50 06 Sep 2007

My new monitor has PIP, so I don't need this any more.

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