VHS to PC via DV camcorder

  daisy2bell 10:35 25 Jan 2005

I can succcessfuly transfer my old analogue camcorder film to the PC via my DV camcorder.
My problem is however, I want to transfer some of my VHS tapes (home movies) to PC.The only way is via a scart to the mini DV camcorder, and then on to the PC.
The scart lead needs to have a Audio/video jack/plug on the other end to plug into the miniDV.
Can these be obtained, if so what is the cable called.


  johnnyrocker 10:37 25 Jan 2005

they are usually called scart to phono/rgb and can be got from either click here or click here


  daisy2bell 10:52 25 Jan 2005


Thanks for that, I'll do some searching.
Just to clarify my needs, the other end of the scart lead is a "single" video/audio jack, in case I wasn't clear enough in my description. Is that what you understood?

  TomJerry 10:54 25 Jan 2005

you will find correct one from there

  Technotiger 11:36 25 Jan 2005

Hi, a better idea for the transfer VHS to PC would be via a pci TV Card - I have WinTV_Go by Hauppage, bought it in May 2003 £45, no doubt would be rather cheaper now. I have a VCR permanently attached so I can grab stills and video sent to me by my son from overseas.


  daisy2bell 12:30 25 Jan 2005

Thanks Guys. Went to Maplin and ordered a TV capture card,Scart adapter and relevant leads.
When it has arrived and I have tried it out, I will keep you informed as to the results

  scotty 12:48 25 Jan 2005

click here

Index do a kit of leads which allow you to connects most audio/visual devices for £9.99

  johnnyrocker 12:48 25 Jan 2005

good luck and yes i had envisaged your connections correctly some cables have red and white connectors for left/right audio but either will do in the case of mono sound.


  daisy2bell 14:13 25 Jan 2005

Thanks for your help guys.
I'll keep you posted

  daisy2bell 10:47 26 Jan 2005

I recieved the leads and Scart converter (switchable to in/out) today.
They informed me that the TV card was out of stock.
Anyway I tried again today to capture a picture from the VCR to my Camcorder and when I switched the scart to "out" HEY PRESTO a picture appeared in the camcorder.
It looks as if I won't be needing a TV card after all. I shall try uploading to the PC later and if it works I will cancel the order for the TV card.
Will keep you posted.

The reason that I couldn't get a picture with the scart converter that I allready had, was because it wasn't switchable.

  daisy2bell 11:58 26 Jan 2005

Well I have uploaded a 10 minute clip and burnt it to DVD with very good results. Am now uploading the full VHS tape.

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