VHS in no capture card

  Fullywired 15:38 18 Jul 2004

hi guys
i have hooked up my VCR to my PC using a composite cable into the the s-video socket on my Geforce 4 Ti4200 64mb graphics card, however, i dispite having half a dozen video capture programs i always get the same error; "no video capture card installed" and this is true however, my graphics card is supposed to be VIVO (video-in/video-out) capable! any ideas? is it my VCR thats the problem? is it my PC thats the problem? am i using incorrect software? is it my drivers that do not support VCR in? or is this method just not to be done?
as i said, my VCR is connected using a scart adapter to give me the 3 sockets i need (yellow red and white) the audio connectors are connected via a sterio jack to 2 phono and i have an s-video to composite adapter which is connecting for video any help?

  BLH 15:55 18 Jul 2004

Check your VCR is set correct ie AV1 or AV2 mine
is set to AV1 ? shot in the dark but it may help. BLH

  Fullywired 17:24 18 Jul 2004

thanks, but it didnt help! my VCR has only one AV channel and its set onto it, i think its the fact that my card is not set up for video capture the only thing is that i have no idea how to do this! i must say i am totally stumped! if its any help my VCR is an "orion D1098Y"
if anyone has any help it is greatly appreciated

  jbaker65 17:29 18 Jul 2004

Hi, How old is your vcr? I am using a fairly old Amstrad vcr connected to my AverMedia analogue input card and I capture fine if I use composite video cables so I know it works, but if I try to use s-video cable, I get nothing. I guess my vcr does not have a s-video output capability.

  cga 17:31 18 Jul 2004

I have a separate capture card (Hercules) so I cannot help on that side but you may have to set up the VCR to play rather than receive on AV1. Not sure this helps but maybe..

  cga 17:36 18 Jul 2004

Good point made by jbaker65. S-video is a signal standard as well as a plug type. you may have to use composite video plugs for input. Also make sure your cable is bi-directional. Mine has a direction switch on the SCART plug.

  TomJerry 18:02 18 Jul 2004

Video connect in your graphics card is only for Video/TV out, not for video/TV in

Check the specification/manual of your g-card.

  Fullywired 19:03 18 Jul 2004

well my VCR is afew years old and it IS connected by composite vidoe cable but then i have an adapter that came with my card to make it fit into the s-video socket. and according to all the reviews i can find and info about my card, it does support VIVO (video-in/Video-out) which tells me that i can input and output! i have alreadytried this with s-video and i got the same results as i am doing now with composite! will it help if i download the VIVO card drivers from the gainward site or not?

  Fullywired 14:50 20 Jul 2004


  TomJerry 15:27 20 Jul 2004

some extract from click here

Generally a good card, initially I bought it for the gaming performance boost and was extremely impressed although it seems that overclocking it (as guaranteed by the manufacturers) does make it a lot more unstable. I prefer to run it at normal speed since it is quite a good performer anyway. Overclocking doesn't really seem to make that much difference anyway.

Onto the VIVO, which yes indeed does mean Video-In, Video-Out. I was flabbergasted by the card's potential but it does have some pretty annoying flaws. If you "don't" use Gainward's drivers, (i.e. If you use nVidia's Detonators) the WDM Capture Device will ALWAYS fail to start on booting into XP Pro. Naturally this renders the VIVO part near enough useless to avid gamers that always need the latest drivers. However for someone like me, occasional gamer come DVD, video ripper I need it to work and Gainward's drivers seemed to work adequately enough. You do indeed need the latest and greatest WDM drivers from nVidia for the VIVO to even recognize in the system (naturally).

A lot of people mention that there are problems with the WDM drivers and VirtualDub, I have found only one way around the issue of the drivers not initialising when you go into Capture Mode in VDub. That was by using Ulead's DVD Movie Factory to actually set the drivers up before going into VDub's capture mode. This allows you to set PAL_I encoding and Composite inputs and intialises the card for use in VDub. Yes it's annoying but considering you can capture straight to other formats than WinProducer allows, it's worth the 30 seconds it takes to do.


Overall it's a good gamers card but an even greater capture card, allowing full 720x576 encoding without it introducing the dreaded interlacing lines we all hate so much (only from a good source!). I've recorded a number of films from TV in VirtualDub using MJPEG @ 20 and Audio at CD Quality WAV formats. My record loss was 35 frames over a 120 minute film. The lowest was 9 frames, again over a 2 hour film. A great card with great potential but some annoyingly serious flaws with drivers.

  Fullywired 15:45 20 Jul 2004

well the problem i have been having is that i keep gettin the message "no capture card detected" which is quite right if i am using my graphics card, although if you say that i need the correct drivers then i'll have to give it a try, however, i have just reformatted my hard drives due to another fault, i have this sime installed the drivers from the nvidia site not the gainward site and i have a high speed LAN connection that says something to do with tv/video, i was in a slight rush this morning and i have not yet had chance to have a good look at this, could i have solved the problem? just in case i have also downloaded the VIVO drivers from the gainward site, i am not a gamer so amazing performance is not essential, i have to wait until tonight to check wether i am sorted yet. i use "Ulead DVD studio 10" for video tasks, along with afew other programs for other operations.

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