VHS to DVD service

  Baledor 11:07 07 Sep 2004

*!@: up whether to put this here or in the Consumer Watch Forum, anyway I'll try it here:

Has anyone used, and can recommend a company offering VHS to DVD conversion? I would like a reliable, fast service as I have a wedding video to convert and to lose it would be a disaster.



  SEASHANTY 11:59 07 Sep 2004

Have you considered using a domestic DVD recorder?
All you need then is a scart lead to connect the VCR and DVDR. See the previous thread on this
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  Baledor 12:05 07 Sep 2004

I have found a couple of companies offering the service on the net, but just wanted to know if anyone had already done it and could recommend a reliable company.

Cost is an implication in your answer as well, the cost of transferring is around £20 whereas a new DVD burner can cost from £150 upwards.

Cheers for replying anyway.

  PA28 14:05 07 Sep 2004

I transfer from VHS to DVD using the burner in my PC (about £50 upwards). You need an Analogue to Digital Converter (I use my camcorder which has this built in, but there are other ways such as a TV Capture Card). You also need a reasonable spec PC and a bit of time to do it. True, the initial cost is likely to be higher than a one off transfer fee, but there are no security risks, you can edit your video if you wish, and - most importantly - you can transfer other VHS and analogue recordings to DVD for the cost of the disks thereafter - about 35p a go in my case.

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