23790954 21:35 31 Jul 2007

As a Silver Surfer, I have today started to change VHS videos to DVD using VHS to DVD 2.0 DeLuxe which is supported by a Homestech video capturing device. I have presently completed
2 Music videos, and everything has gone according to plan, except for the sound quality, which is NOT as good on the recorded DVD as it is on the original VHS video. I could have understood the picture being not quite as good but not the sound. My computer uses its own motherboard sound, but I do have a spare good quality sound card, which is not installed, as my PC is a desktop and only has a 300 watt power unit. Fitting the sound card would use more power. Can anyone advise me on how I can improve the sound quality when burning the DVD's, and get them to at least as good as the original VHS tapes. The video capturing device was connected to a 5 port hub, and the VHS video player was connected to the Video capture module by a scart plug, video; and plugs, yellow, white and red into capture device. My M/board is a gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI. Many thanks for any advice given.

  HCOOH 22:03 31 Jul 2007

You could try connecting on a USB port other than the hub. Do you have much in the way of settings or is it fairly automated. You can play the capture before you burn to check the sound on some software, I am not familiar with this one. You do not mention a connection to your line in for the audio, sometimes there is a "Y" shaped connector with the red % white phono plugs going to a 3.5mm minijack, unless you have phono sockets on your computer. Did the Scart come with the package as it needs to be "in the correct direction"

  HCOOH 22:13 31 Jul 2007

Been trying to find a picture of the device, as far as I can see it all goes down the USB so the line in bit is not required.

  HCOOH 22:19 31 Jul 2007

Could try one of these if no luck with USB
click here

  eedcam 22:40 31 Jul 2007

most straightforward get a dvd recorder save a lot of grief

  HCOOH 22:49 31 Jul 2007

If you use the yellow white and red composites you do not need the SVideo cable. If you are using the SVideo you need the red and white composites only. You must have a line in connection it cannot all go down the USB, you may then need to check that your line in is selected in the sound set up.

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