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  Llwydyn 09:25 13 Aug 2004

I have many hours of family VHS recordings which I would like to copy onto DVD. My recent visit to Dixons made me realise that whichever recording format I should choose (ie RAM, - or +), playing these DVDs on our existing DVD players would probably not be possible!
While reading the latest PC Advisor this morning, I noticed in the review for the Beng DW 1600A Dual-layer DVD writer that “... it even lets you convert your +R or -R media to DVD-ROM Book Type format.” Would this then solve my problem?
Are there other (cheaper) DVD writers which do this?
(Have just made a search in the forum prior to posting – one of the threads suggests that DVD -R is the most compatible format for older DVD players).

  cga 09:32 13 Aug 2004

I have a real cheap DVD player (40.00) that does not claim to be able to read any of these formats but, as an experiment, I burned a DVD and tried it (with success). What I did do was use Ulead Visual studio and created a DVD video format (which ir was only able to do on -R).
The dual layer is an upcoming option to squeeze more onto a DVD. This is already used on commercial DVD's but that is a side issue.
I know this is not a complete reply but it might help.

  stlucia 12:32 13 Aug 2004

-r format seems to be the most compatible with domestic dvd players. Have you checked that yours can't play it? Look at click here

  TomJerry 12:38 13 Aug 2004

For 1 hour video, you can convert in to DVD in one hour if you use a recordable DVD player (or DVD Recorder). You can get one for £195 click here

If you use computer to capture and encode and burn, it could take you up to 5 hours for 1 hour video.

  pj123 13:11 13 Aug 2004

I use the Dazzle Fusion USB capture device with an LG 4082 Multi Format DVD Writer click here and click here

I don't use the Pinnacle Studio software that came with the Dazzle unit because it has very bad sound sync problems. I now use Sonic MyDVD software (downloaded from Sonic).

All DVDs burnt on my LG writer will play on my Multi Format domestic DVD player with no problem.

But as TomJerry says doing it via the PC takes an awful long time. Using Pinnacle a 2 hour programme took 7 hours start to finish. Using Sonic the same 2 hours programme took 3 hours.

I am now seriously looking at getting a domestic DVD recorder, but is there a Multi Format domestic DVD writer. Most of them appear to be -R but Philips seem to favour +R.

  TomJerry 13:33 13 Aug 2004

suggested above

  Graham ® 14:11 13 Aug 2004

Hi Peter, my VHS only has RF output (apart from Euro AV), does the Dazzle Fusion input cater for RF input?

  Llwydyn 14:31 13 Aug 2004

Thank you all for your much appreciated comments.
My original intention was to buy a domestic DVD recorder, but, after visiting Dixons, I realised that compatibility with other DVD players may be a problem. Thanks to the excellent site suggested by stlucia, it appears that this may no longer be a problem.
While at Dixons, I very nearly bought either the LiteOn (£149) as suggested by TomJerry or the Philips (£179): click here.

  SEASHANTY 15:04 13 Aug 2004

For a list of recordable DVD machines check out the Pricerunner UK website
click here
Note that multiregion can be had for little more than the normal unmodified model. The cheap Liteon
that Dixons are selling is not the latest model. Philips have had a lot of trouble with faults on their earlier machines and discount chain TJ Hughes have been offloading older Philips DVD recorders. Have no info on latest models. As a matter of price comparison Argos Cat Stores and Dixons and Panasonic are retailing the DMR-E55 at its normal price of around £300 but this model (also modified
for multi-region) can be obtained for £210 including free delivery. It makes sense to a price comparison before buying.

  SEASHANTY 16:18 13 Aug 2004

As TomJerry has stated the Liteon LVW-5005
is both - and + but not unfortunately DVD-RAM. It has reviews on this website
click here
and also on this USA website
click here
The Liteon model that Llwydyn refers to in Dixons
is the model 5001 which is not multi-format.

  Llwydyn 23:44 13 Aug 2004

You are correct pj123 - my apologies to TomJerry.

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