paul654 11:21 26 Dec 2009

I have lots of VHS home movies that I have shot over the years and I want to convert them all to DVD so I can give copies to my kids who have now left home. What is the simplist/cheapest method of converting? I have a PC but its a bit long in the tooth now (Athlon XP 3000+, A7N8X2 motherboard, 3Gb Ram, 320 Gb HD, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics). What equipment/gadgets would I need? I'm not a computer genius so please treat me like an idiot when you answer :-)

  paul654 11:30 26 Dec 2009

I should also mention that about 3 years ago I paid a lot of money for a Pioneer DVR 420H DVD recorder to do the converting job but this was a total disaster. I'd done about a dozen DVD's before I realised that they would only play on certain players....my PC couldnt read them niether could my sony player under my TV but my sons Hitachi could read them !! It was an expensive flop so If anyone suggests using a DVD recorder, I need one that will definatelly do the job.

  howard64 11:32 26 Dec 2009

probably the simplest is to use a combined dvd recorder/vhs tape machine. A friend of mine has one and I used it to convert my one vhs tape to dvd. This dvd can be imported onto the pc for editing etc. If you have a lot you could buy one of these. Alternately if you still have a working vhs tape recorder you can buy a cable which will connect the tape recorder to a video card installed in your pc. With video software you can then import the tape into your pcs hard disk then write a dvd from that.

  howard64 11:34 26 Dec 2009

You might find that you simply had not 'finalised' the dvd in the drive. I forgot to do this on my friends recorder but when I read the manual and put it back in I then finalised it.

  eedcam 12:23 26 Dec 2009

The non playing on some Players is I'm afraid a fact of life .There is no guarantee that any dvd will play on another recorder regardless of whether done on a standalone or the pc . Possibly in your case it was not due to lackof finalising but the format of the dvd +/- R/RW. The non players were possibly not able to play that format.I would check that out first before going down the gadget route as they can be most troublesome. a dvd recorder is still the easiest and best route to go

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