baldyx 16:04 25 Aug 2007

I want to transfer VHS tape to DVD.
I am thinking of buying a vcr-dvd writer combi unit.
Does anyone know if a 3hr VHS can be transfereed to a DVD ? Will there be enough space on a dvd i.e. 3hrs.

Also please recommend the combi unit.

  anchor 16:39 25 Aug 2007

First regarding a combi unit; have a look at the Panasonic:

click here

I have a Panasonic HDD/DVD and from the manual it seems recording times for a DVD blank disc will depend on selected recording speed. For example, using SP on a DVD-R, you will get 2 hrs. With LP, you will get 4 hrs. It seems inadvisable to use even slower speeds. Double layer discs give 3min-35 secs and 7min-10 secs respectively.

Not having used this method, I cannot comment on comparative quality of the different speeds. Obviously the slower LP speed will not be as good as SP.

  anchor 16:51 25 Aug 2007

Another combi unit to consider from Sony

click here

  woodchip 17:00 25 Aug 2007

On my Comby you can get upto 6 hours but, themore you put on it the blockier it becomes. This is also what I use for a Old Analog Camcorder of my daughters click here

Lots cheaper than a Comby. And you have the option of creating editing Video

  baldyx 17:10 25 Aug 2007

Thanks all.
I have decided to buy Sony RDRVX420 combi unit.

One more query : Can i edit the dvd created from vhs on the combi unit on my PC? What format are the files on dvd after copying from vhs?

  woodchip 17:20 25 Aug 2007

I would Say NO. You have no means of transferring to PC unless you buy from the link I posted above

  holme 17:44 25 Aug 2007

I concur with anchor's point; you can get up to 4 hours on a disc by selecting what's usually called 'long play' or LP mode (some manufacturers use alternative names).

Note that although the video quality is unavoidably reduced when you select LP, it's still perfectly adequate for dubbing the already limited-quality video from VHS recordings.

Indeed, Panasonic recorders have excellent noise-reduction circuitry which (speaking from personal experience) often means a copy on DVD is better quality than the VHS tape original! A colleague has a Sony and IMHO (and his) it's nowhere near as good as Panasonic on noise-reduction.

Not wishing to contradict woodchip but, once you've got video onto DVD, it is possible to download the digital video/audio files into a PC for editing. Unfortunately, the otherwise excellent Movie Maker (bundled with Windows) cannot do it. So we use Ulead's VideoStudio which is excellent and will download the files directly (v9 or later). I see Amazon currently have v11+ on special offer at 30 quid which is remarkable value.

Before forking out, can I suggest you have a look at all the related discussion on the Digital World forum which has been given a thrashing under various headings in recent weeks. HTH.

  eedcam 17:46 25 Aug 2007

Standard play allows a max of 2 hours which is what most use anything longer as said you might not like .However if the dvd recorder allows flexible record you get an advantage . A 3 hour tape would only be compressed as much as need to get it on a Single layer dvd .as opposed to Long play which would assume you needed to compress more .Editing the dvd on Pc most of the software Magix or Ulead should be fine they also have what is called smart render .This means they will only mess about with parts you have added like transitions or titles . The format you will have is Mpeg 2 and they will be in afolder called Video_Ts and called videoTS_1 01 VOB.and so on Regardless of how you record to dvd they will be in 1G/byte chunks '

  woodchip 17:48 25 Aug 2007

If you read my link it includes Ulead

  baldyx 17:54 25 Aug 2007


I had a look at the KWorld Xpert DVD Maker.
One query is that my vcr does not have scart socket so is there another method of connection to it?

  woodchip 17:55 25 Aug 2007

You do not need scart with the DVD Maker it's Analog, Phono type sockets and a USB into PC

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