pienter 11:46 01 May 2007

I have transferred a VHS tape recording onto a DVD-R disc using a Panasonic DVD recorder with the intention of editing it on a PC. Although the DVD replays perfectly on the DVD recorder/TV combination, the Windows Explorer Properties reports that there is no data on the disc which is described as being of file system RAW. The disc will also not replay using Windows Media Player. Is there some difference between the digital data systems used for 'lounge' DVD player/recorders and for PC units? Better still, is there a way of overcoming my problem?

  pj123 12:23 01 May 2007

Did you finalise it? before trying it on your PC.

  pienter 15:07 01 May 2007

Not specifically. There didn't seem to be any option to do this on the DVD recorder so I assumed that it was automatic that the disc would be ready after copying the tape and my assumption appeared to be correct when the DVD played satisfactorily. Are there any further steps I can take?

  rodriguez 15:09 01 May 2007

Have a look round the menus on your DVD recorder for a finalise option. When you click it, it will close of the disc and write out a table of contents on it so that other DVD players and PCs can read it. This will only take a few seconds.

  pienter 16:41 01 May 2007

I have found the finalize instructions (in desperation read the manual!) and indeed finalization is not automatic. Now the only problem is that the recommended instructions have not worked, but maybe that has something to do with the fact that the disc has been removed and replaced several times during investigations. I shall try another disc. Meanwhile many thanks for the assistance.

  john-232317 16:57 01 May 2007

Removing the disc should make no difference, as you can record when you like till the disc is full, similar to a vhs tape. It will play on the original recorder without finalizing but not on anything else till it is.

  pienter 19:37 01 May 2007

Thanks to all I have managed to finalize the disc though I am not at all sure that the next time I try it will be successful first time. However I now find that I need a decoder with Windows Media in order to be able to see the result on the PC. Any recommendations for use with Win XP Home SP2 and Windows Media v.9.0 preferably minimum cost?

  Diversion 20:32 01 May 2007

Try these Codec packs click here

  john-232317 07:21 02 May 2007

Klite full will give you all you need, its on diversions link.

  pienter 09:05 02 May 2007

Thanks to the invaluable forum all problems now seem to have been solved.

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