VHS to computer

  [email protected]® 09:11 21 Aug 2005

How do I record VHS video to my computer to put on DVD please? (I have TV out).

  Graham ® 09:17 21 Aug 2005

Probably the most asked question. Put VHS into search on the left. A DVD recorder with hard drive is by far the best method.

  bremner 09:20 21 Aug 2005

You will need a capture card and suitable software

This might help click here

and here are some cards click here

  [email protected]® 09:21 21 Aug 2005

Thanks Graham I have a DVD recorder how do I do it then?

  Graham ® 09:34 21 Aug 2005

I meant a recorder for the TV, not on your computer. If you have a recorder with the TV, you may find it has inputs to connect to the VHS machine.

  [email protected]® 09:45 21 Aug 2005

Yes I have a DVD recorder not a DVDRW, I just dont know where to put the scarts there are so many. I have one from the video to the tv, one from set-top box to dvd rec', one from dvd rec' to tv.

  [email protected]® 09:50 21 Aug 2005

I should say a DVD recorder as well as a DVDRW. Oh yes another scart lead from set-top box to tv!

  Graham ® 11:15 21 Aug 2005

Look on the VHS for Video out and Audio out (Left and Right). They will be phono sockets, not Scart. Then look for inputs on the DVD.

click here

You should be able to set it up so that you can monitor the VHS on the TV, as recording will be in real time.

  Stuartli 11:19 21 Aug 2005

I have a TwinHan DTV-ter D+A PCI TV card which can be used to capture VCR output to the hard disk and then copy to DVD.


click here

for details. Vadim is an excellent company with a first class after sales service.

You can also use it for games consoles' output as well as Freeview or analogue TV and radio stations.

  johnnyrocker 11:27 21 Aug 2005

if you have an nvidea graphics card with svs out it is a very simple matter, the svs cable goes to a convertible scart plug (available in most places) and audio out from sound card to same plug click here and for about a tenner you can buy a converter downloadable and away you go, of course if you dont have an nvidea i am wasting your time but the info might be still useful for others.


  spuds 12:23 21 Aug 2005

If you look in some of the larger electrical stores, then you will find combo units are becoming more readily available with prices reductions. A simple case of putting in a vhs tape and a dvd disk and away you go, no need for masses of cables etc.

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