vga /hdmi cable laptop to tv

  diesel1948 17:44 12 Dec 2013

Hi I bought a cheap vga/hdmi cable to connect laptop to tv so I could watch programmes of internet on big screen tv. I plugged into laptop and connected hdmi end in to tv but nothing anybody help or is it just a dodgy cable? grateful for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 12 Dec 2013
  1. TV will need to be set to the correct scource (hdmi not PC)

  2. Often you can go hdmi to vga with a cable Ok but need an adaptor to go va to HDMI.

  Longhouse 21:16 12 Dec 2013

Have you enabled the external monitor function in the OS (control panel, display properties) or via the keyboard (usually function + F key)?

  Nontek 22:40 12 Dec 2013

Connect both via VGA-VGA cable, not via HDMI. This WILL work.

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