VGA Cable required for Extending original

  Giggle n' Bits 22:08 07 Aug 2008

I am trying to Extend the lenght of one of my TFT Screens which has a captive 15pin VGA Cable, does anyone know if they do one where I can get a Extention cable to add on to the TFT screen.

Note: it is a captive cable fitted on the TFT screen and its not removable so this ext must be able to connect to the end which would normally connect to the VGA Card

A long shot question I know but knowing the knowledge of the Forum someone should be able to help me.

Thanks if you can !

  chub_tor 22:18 07 Aug 2008
  MsTechie 22:20 07 Aug 2008

You can buy an extention cable with male-female ends but you will lose some picture quality

click here

  Giggle n' Bits 23:00 07 Aug 2008

Thats what I want, smashing !

Not that bothered about loss of signal quality as long as I get a picture.

Thanks guys (or girls if any of you are)

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