VGA cable query...

  lottiejones89 23:21 10 Oct 2009

I want to get a vga cable to connect my laptop to my HD tv but don't want to get the wrong thing. Is there a different cable for laptops, or is it the same as a desktop computer connection?
sorry not very tech-savvy haha

  woodchip 23:25 10 Oct 2009

It depends if your TV supports a VGA cable. Using VGA is only good for watching such as DVD's its no good for Text. You have to have at least a DVI to HDMI to use HD TV for text like a big monitor

  lottiejones89 23:36 10 Oct 2009

My tv does support the vga cable. If I use one with the red, green and blue cables (RCA I think that is?) would that be better?
Thanks for the quick reply by the way.

  DieSse 11:11 11 Oct 2009

VGA doesn't carry sound - so you would also need a cable for sound.

Text can be fine on an LCD TV - I have a friend who uses a VGA cable to a 32 LCD TV and gets an excellent picture.

"If I use one with the red, green and blue cables"

One what? To where and from where?

Three phono/RCA plugs will likely carry sound (normally red/white) and picture (normally yellow), so you wouldn't have to have a separate sound cable. I don't know the significance of the colours you state - nor where you would feed it from - can you explain further please.

This converter box allows you to convert your VGA and sound ports to an HDMI converter - might be a better way to go.

click here

  DieSse 11:12 11 Oct 2009

HDMI converter should read HDMI connector - sorry.

  Miké 12:40 11 Oct 2009

lottiejones89 is talking about component video connections click here and there endeth my knowledge of the subject!

  DieSse 13:07 11 Oct 2009

Thanx Miké for the link - at least I understand that now. I don't know where/how/if one would get component video/audio from a laptop, and it still doesn't cover the sound.

I suspect the converter box is going to be the most sanitary approach.

  woodchip 13:57 11 Oct 2009

I think he is referring to BNC cables I have a Crt monitor that uses them type of cables from VGA to BNC

Read hear about BNC under specifications click here

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