VERY URGENT what does NON BNC mean ??

  michelleuk 08:08 12 Jan 2003
  michelleuk 08:08 12 Jan 2003


What does NON BNC mean? I have the following versions from an acromyn site.
Bayonet Navy Connector. OR Bayonet Neill Concelman (connector used with coaxial cable, named after inventor)

Non of which I understand.

As you all know I am buying a Samsung monitor details below.

SM753DFX (non BNC) 17"CRT 0.20
Mfr code: CA17ISBU
Quicklinx: 1718WS

click here (link to dabs info site on the monitor) It is number 8 on the list.

Before splashing out on the monitor I want to ensure it will work with my HD, and OS - Windows 98.

Urgent help is needed. Thank you.

Take Care
Michelle:-) click here (my own website)

PS - Any probs dealing with DABS - I'm considering paying extra for the next working day delivery is it worth it, or is it problomatic?


As I recently discovered, BNC is a type of connection commonly also found on Network connections. Ot allows the VGA cable to be connected to independant colour channels on the rear of the monitor and some say provides better sheilding.

click here to see what I mean. and click here for my thread on the subject.

So, your monitor will simply have the "Normal" connectors and work fine!


Well, this is another story. I have had some very bad experiences with them and also some very good. (Just like any other retailer really). But they do have some annoying niggles and is things do go wrong you can just about forget customer service and they rarely (if ever) reply to email.

I still use them occasionaly but prefer Ebuyer now, who some would say are equally as bad or even worse! I have never had a problem!

Normally Dabs Next day delivery is not worth paying for as most stock is shipped under 24 Hour delivery anyway. However, i dont know about a monitor.

  michelleuk 08:20 12 Jan 2003


Sorry forgot to mention my present monitor I use connects to the HD via a Serial port connector. So I need to make sure that my new monitor connects the same way. I am assuming that all monitors connect to the HD using the same Serial port connector method. Is that so? If NOT, what cable do I need?


Take Care
Michelle :-)

Also, Ebuyer is only £91.00 for your monitor click here

If the monitor cable that you use now has 9 pins it is a "Normal" cable and work fine,

If the monitor cable that you use now has 9 pins it is a "Normal" cable and will work fine.

  michelleuk 08:36 12 Jan 2003



So is the ad basically saying that it uses a normal Serial port connector cable that my present monitor uses. And it is not built for the use of these 'newer' cables? I have been looking at my cables, its black with those two screws, I don't know if they are male or female and without taking the cables out I'm unsure which goes where.

The site that shows the cable the black cable end with the 2 screws looks the same as mine, but the 5 different coloured connectors I certainly don't have. Unless they are hidden within the black cable, if that makes sense. I mean looking at the picture on Komplett it seems to suggest that the black cable connect connect to the HD and the 5 other connections may I assume connect to the monitor?

I don't have that set up, so I'm assuming the Samsung will be ok, yes?

Take Care

  Gongoozler 08:37 12 Jan 2003

Hi Michelle. This monitor will be fine with your computer. I think all the "non BNC" is telling you is that the monitor doesn't have a bnc connector for composite video. As you have already found out, a bnc connector is a bayonet type coaxial connector. I have never had a monitor with one fitted, but perhaps they are becoming common these days. If you look at the 757DFX this does have a bnc connector. Full specs can be seen here click here.

My only reservation regarding the SM753DFX is that it has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 @65Hz, and a recommended resolution of 1024 x 768 @85Hz. This is the resolution I use, and I'm quite happy with it, but some people look for more.

I've frequently bought from DABS, and never had any problems. Like most cheap suppliers, they are very fast on delivery, but in the past some people have found them to be slower to resolve problems. I understand that they have made great effort to improve on that so they may be much better now. I have never had any reason to test their after sales service. I haven't tried the next day delivery, and always found them to be very fast, never more than 3 days from placing the order. I think the extra money is simply the courier charge.

One final word of caution regarding the monitor - there is no mention of the cable being cat-proof ;-).

  jazzypop 08:49 12 Jan 2003

I agree with the above comments - the non-BNC part is simply warning those who currently use a BNC cable. A BNC connection for a monitor is the exception, not the norm.

The lack of resolution may also be a problem.

Finally, you are unlikely to get next-day delivery, as they don't have any in stock.

  Legolas 08:59 12 Jan 2003

BNC connectors are used for connecting computers together in a network so I imagine that if you wanted to connect monitors together without the base unit they would need a BNC connector all NON-BNC means in your instance is that your monitor could not be connected up to other monitors if you wanted to daisy chain them together but having looked at the monitor in both dabs and ebuyer it is a normal computer monitor and should connecct to your base unit in the normal manner so I would ignore the NON-BNC specification as it does'nt apply to you and go ahead and purchase the monitor but as it appears to be cheaper at ebuyer I would go there.

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