Very suspicious I think

  Legolas 12:43 16 Oct 2006

I am looking for a new laptop and seen this on ebay click here
The price seemed too good although I noticed the seller had a 100% feedback score.

On investigation I noticed that they had not sold anything before and their score was made up of feedback from sellers, on checking the things they had bought they were all low price items 1p and a few dollers and so on.

I remember reading about scammers on ebay who do this to boost theit feedback and make themselves look legit but when you send your cash you get stung.

This seems like such a case so I think I will give it a wide berth what do others think?

  Grantrh 12:49 16 Oct 2006

This laptop is far too cheap for its specification.
If something looks to good to be true - it usually is!
Avoid is my advice.

  anskyber 12:50 16 Oct 2006

I would keep clear. It could be OK but the warning signs are there.

  Legolas 12:57 16 Oct 2006

I am almost tempted because the price is so good that if it is legit I get a bargain but if it is a scam I have not lost a fortune. But I have a feeling that is exactly what they want me to think, or am I getting paranoid. Only kidding there is no way I am touching this.

  hijo 15:19 16 Oct 2006

i read a post a few weeks ago about a similar issue on EBAY, regarding a merc car for sale at a rock bottom price,SO i emaild the guy & made out a was a genuine buyer but i wanted proof that he is genuine so i asked him to take a photo of him & a sign saying my name OR if he can just take a photo of him,i was VERY convincing in my email belive me & guess waht i got NO reply...!!! do as "anskyber" said AVOID there scammers...!!!!!

  hijo 15:22 16 Oct 2006

"legolas" rather than take the risk of like you put it "you have not lost a fortune" if its a scam why dont u donate that £239 to a charity that way you know its gone to good cause rather than line the pockets of some idiot scammer..!! also it helps the scammers to finance more scamms

  Jimmy14 15:27 16 Oct 2006

definite scam and the biddings ended now so never mind.

  Chris the Ancient 16:10 16 Oct 2006

As you rightly said, 100% feedback from sellers. I was sneaky, and had a look at some of the items sold to this person. Did you? I didn't go through them all, but it was cheap things at 'buy it now' prices as cheap as you can go.

A well-known way of really checking on these guys is to also look at payment methods. If it's Western Union or certified cheque... Caveat emptor. And when you don't get your goods, imagine the chances of getting anything done about it.

As always, and as others say, "if it's too good to be true, it can't be true!"

I'm not getting at you, Legolas, I'm just adding my tuppence-worth for other (possibly more gullible?) people as a warning.

  Stuartli 16:40 16 Oct 2006

There have been recent instances of "false" sellers on e-Bay - just after your money.

  Stuartli 16:42 16 Oct 2006

I notice it's a Hong Kong "seller".

Mind you my youngest offspring bought a 7in LCD TV set/monitor from Hong Kong on e-Bay a few weeks ago - cheaper than in the UK and it arrived as expected...:-)

  Legolas 18:08 16 Oct 2006

Chris the Ancient I did check the purchases the seller made and as you say they were all cheap items one was a Penny, they bought a penny for a penny why? the only reason I can see is to boost their feedback score. I might have been tempted if I had not read recently the exact stuff this person is doing. The fact that the auction ended with buy it now would show that not everyone is wise to this, for that persons sake I hope we are all wrong and they have themselves a bargain.

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