Very Strange Hardware Problem here, need advice

  erkmatrix 15:37 23 Dec 2010

I really don't know what is happening to my computer, weather its a virus or what. But this is how it happened. 3 weeks ago my psu went wrong in my main Windows 7 computer and I got a new PSU ordered from my PC manufacturer as it was still under warranty. All fair enough, I had a Samsung internal disk drive in my PC with all my storage files on and a Intel SSD for boot. I decided whilst I was waiting my new PSU to arrive I would but my Samsung storage drive in my old Windows XP PC. This is when it happened, I was clearing out and edited some files on my drive when it froze on me just got stuck I couldn't close it with task manager, everything just frooze and you couldn't open anything. I then couldn't see the drive in my disk manager or in windows. So I thought oh well, the drive is dead, so I ordered a new one. I had everything backed up on an external. After that the PC loaded but it took much longer to load and as I say you couldn't see the samsung drive, I took it out and it loaded quick again.

Now I got my new PSU and fixed that and all worked fine, great I thought, I figured I'll just try the old Samsung storage drive in my new main windows 7 PC, but this time it shows up fine again and I could few everything again. Oh waste of money buying a new one but great news, then it freezes this PC this time. Oh hell, I take it out and am convinced it's currupt or something. I just run my SSD drive this time and all other drives unplugged so just my ssd boot drive and run my Comodo internet protection anti virus scan, malware bytes and Tune-up but none came up with anything that stops it freezing. But it still crashes my computer, completely randomly, I have to turn off at standby and restart it that way, it maybe hours before it does it again but it will just like have the spinning windows 7 loading circle appear and when I click on anything nothing happens, just freezes.

Has anyone heard of this very odd problem, I don't know if its a virus that has spread from the old samsung drive or some hardware fault, or what, I just don't know what to do.

  erkmatrix 15:44 23 Dec 2010

I'm just thinking, could this be a Comodo update related problem that is causing as both machines have comodo on them.

  Seth Haniel 15:50 23 Dec 2010

BlueScreenView v1.00
that looks at dumps from craches and identifies the culprit - maybe Graphic Card or Modem

click here

  erkmatrix 16:01 23 Dec 2010

Hi Seth

Thanks for the help but the screen doesn't go blue at all, it just freezes and you can't press on anything and don't think it could be a graphic card problem as it does this in 2 different computers. A modem problem I suppose it could be but my new main PC with windows 7 worked fine all yesterday before I tried this samsung storage drive, it's only then I noticed computer freezing just like it had done in my old windows xp machine.

  GaT7 16:11 23 Dec 2010

So it looks like this Samsung storage drive is the common denominator? What's its model number?

Have you tried a full system restore on the Win7 PC to a point before you connected the storage device? Two days ago should do it if you plugged-in the storage device yesterday. G

  erkmatrix 16:45 23 Dec 2010

its model number is HD103SJ

Yeah I thought that might solve the problem but sadly it didn't and it still did it when I went back 2 days.

  GaT7 17:02 23 Dec 2010

Sorry, I don't know what else to suggest apart from fresh OS reinstalls. Perhaps try only with the XP PC to begin with. Backup the drive before doing it.

Btw, never assume a drive is dead before using the manufacturer's diagnostics utility. Samsung's is the ES-Tool click here (for older drives it's HUTIL click here). Both are DOS-based & are run from prepared bootable media before the OS loads - the CD version is the one to use (as fewer systems use floppy drives), & always backup the drive to be tested before running them. G

  erkmatrix 17:30 23 Dec 2010

Hi Crossbow7. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. I'll give up on the old drive though as it must be something wrong with it. As I've already got this new one I might as well use this. Its just the way it seems to of infected the whole machine that is worrying, I've taken off Comodo and put on Avira. I'll see if it still crashes with this, if so I guess my only option is the OS reinstall, I really would like to avoid this though as takes a long time getting all the software and desktop things to the way I have them.

Cheers anyway, I'll see if it happens again first, been OK for a couple of hours now.

  GaT7 17:38 23 Dec 2010

Before giving up on the old drive, do what I suggested by running the diagnostics utility. Remember, it can be done without Windows installed (but you'll need to prepare the scanning disc in Windows of course).

If it is indeed faulty you should check to see if you can get a replacement under their warranty (which is usually 3 years). More info about the process at click here. Check via the drive's serial number at click here. G

  GaT7 18:00 23 Dec 2010

Btw, how are you connecting the storage drive to the PCs? If it's via a USB enclosure, this could be at fault rather than the drive itself. Also, before carrying out the scan, connect it directly via its SATA interface (not USB) to the PC. G

  Number six 23:38 23 Dec 2010

Are you sure this is not simply a poor connection on your data cable? This will produce random freezes/lock-ups. The cables themselves are often troublesome, and do not seem to "bite" very securely when connected. Try a new cable or one of the "clip-on" types.

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