Very strange Broadband Modem problem.

  Tidus 23:15 25 Sep 2003

Hi guys.

We have a problem here thats has us completly stuck for answers, so ill explain it as detailed as i can in the hope that someone can help.

Ok, we recently were hooked up to broadband
and with the package from BT we purchased a modem, we installed it all, it worked fine.

My 2 brothers recently moved back into this house, but they wont be staying long, so we went to PC World and bought 2 modems for there PC's, as when they move out again they'll be taking them with them, so one of my brothers installed his modem, and it set up fine, and he's online with his, my other brother however set his up, using the same OS, (Windows XP), tried to connect to the internet, nothing happens.

It says he's connected at 10Mbps, where as it should say 576Kbps or something like that.

What could the problem be? both are using the same modem on the same OS, yet getting different results.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, the modems are Connexant USB ADSL Modems.

Many thanks.

  billyliv 00:24 26 Sep 2003

Hi, I think that the problem lies in the fact that you are installing modems on every machine when in fact you should have bought 1 router and cat 5 cables and connected each machine to the router, then the router to the modem ,providing of course the modem has an 'ethernet connection'
cheers, Bill

  graham√ 08:52 26 Sep 2003

I trust you are only plugging in one modem at a time?

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