Very Strange

  peterleemaxwell 23:18 15 Apr 2007

This is not a wind up. Using the PC just doing random things out of the speakers come the words 'I count down the minutes till i can be with you again'. Seriously I've not been drinking. I tried to find whatever it was by 'Ad aware' and AVG Anti-spy ware. Nothing. Did not see anything running in Windows Task Manager.
Has any one had this or any suggestions.

  Stuartli 23:24 15 Apr 2007

It appears you might have inadvertently clicked on an advert or similar link - it happens occasionally.

  peterleemaxwell 23:27 15 Apr 2007

Thanks Stuartli,
That's a relief.

  skidzy 23:29 15 Apr 2007

Sorry had to giggle when i read this thread.

More than likely as Stuartli says.Rebbot the system and see if this stops.

  skidzy 23:30 15 Apr 2007

Reboot i meant...said i was giggling :-)))

  peterleemaxwell 23:31 15 Apr 2007

Glad you liked it skidzy. It was a creepy voice as well.

  skidzy 23:38 15 Apr 2007

And to think Friday the 13th has gone !
Glad your sorted Peter.

  p;3 00:09 16 Apr 2007

have the strange voices vanished ? you have had skidzy rebboting and not rebooting too ::))poor computer must need a cuppa ?

  al7478 02:12 16 Apr 2007

On certain sites (sorry, i forget which exactly - which one were you on at the time?)there are some very annoying anti drugs ads that kick in whether you click anything or not i think. Very disoncerting. Come to think of it, it has happenned to me on youtube i think, but there are other problem sites for it too.

  p;3 08:27 16 Apr 2007

if you clicked on an ad you do not want, you could try using the Host's file(recommeneded to me some while ago by Vog) ; using it manages to stop most ads appearing in the first place and makes visitng sites that much more pleasureable and easier;

if you do not like the Hosts file it is easily removed

  peterleemaxwell 09:38 16 Apr 2007

Thanks to all who gave an input

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