Very slow user switching on XP any ideas?

  NICTRY 08:25 15 Jul 2003

Hope you can help,

I have XP Pro and have 3 users whenever you switch between users (or just log in from login screen) it takes ages to load in the new user 4 mins this morning although the norm is about 45 secs. I have defragged, scandisk, virus chkd, the main drive is 20gb with 12gb free and I have fitted a spare 120gb drive (although this problem was there well before this was fitted so no connection there)

Does anyone know of any magic fixes for the slow logon??????

  jazzypop 08:46 15 Jul 2003

How much RAM do you have? XP typically needs about 256MB to run,and each new user needs at least another 64MB. If you are switching users, as opposed to logging off, then User 1's processes are still using RAM, while User 2 requires additional.

This effect will be compounded if you need to use the pagefile (virtual memory) to swap memory from RAM to disk, and back again.

See click here and click here and click here

If the above does not apply, you could also look in Event Viewer, in case you have a rogue driver / software that is hanging or failing to initialise as you try to log in.

  NICTRY 09:54 15 Jul 2003

Hi Jazzypop, I have 384mb so should not be a problem there, I have brought up task manager and looked at resources etc. during the delay (after the XP logon screen disappears (although that can be 30 secs or more!)) and the resources are only about 10-20% so appears not to be struggling with anything in particular??

  BillEmm 13:23 15 Jul 2003

running a registry checker.

I use Norton WinDoctor and, when it does not seem to solve my problem, I give PC Doctor OnCall2 a go.

The latter has been given some poor press on this board of late but, in my opinion, without justification. It has fixed slow and sluggish WinXP systems in my neighbourhood and I always include it in my recommendations.

It costs nothing to find out what sort of shape your system is in and it is then up to you whether or not you wish to pay the 20 GBP for the fix process.


  Tk_RiceZ 13:41 15 Jul 2003

what's your processor speed???? and upto how many programs you running on the first user, the second user because i'm running at 1GB DDR RAM, and i have games and everything running without any problems while switching.

maybe update your ram further would be mines.

  NICTRY 16:14 15 Jul 2003

Cheers guys for the advice, I have a 1.8 AMD so should not be a prob but the RAM upgrade may be worth considering as it is fairly cheap at the mo!

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