mbp 10:41 27 Aug 2004

Even a one sentence post takes ages to upload. This is the cause of double posting and a deterrent to busy people willing to reply. Is it the equipments lethargy or is it insufficient Moderators to censor the post? Can this technical fault be corrected? Or do we have to live with it as it will determine my participation?

  end 10:50 27 Aug 2004

there are several other threads running on a similar theme, and F.E. is dealing with it, as he has said in one of them ..:)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:13 27 Aug 2004

'Or do we have to live with it as it will determine my participation?'...the number of people asking for help determines my participation. A few extra seconds posting should not bother any normal person.

'Is it the equipments lethargy or is it insufficient Moderators to censor the post?'...don't be soft, there have been problems with the servers as has been well documented. These things can be incredibly difficult and/or expensive to resolve unless you have some better ideas. AFAIK 'censoring' is not done in real time.

'Even a one sentence post takes ages to upload'..a letter sent by snailmail takes at least 24hrs to arrive. You are going over the top in the exaggeration stakes with 'ages'...seconds is a better description.

This forum costs you NOTHING to use 24/7 and many people using it save 50p/minute on helplines. The answers are pretty quick and accurate. Many members go out of their way and use their own money/equipment to help people in difficulty.

If you feel that a few seconds posting time and supposed 'instant censorship' are too much to bear to help those who find computers confusing, then you need to keep throwing your toys out of the pram and reconsider your contributions to one of the best forums on the Net. Stamping one's feet and getting all precocious rarely impresses.


  Salinger 11:21 27 Aug 2004

One is not permitted to ctriticise the forum in any way, shape or form. Such temerity will bring the wrath of the Forum Guards on one's head.

  mbp 11:30 27 Aug 2004

Whoops! I must be stepping on some pet corns! Sorry!

  Magik ®© 11:31 27 Aug 2004

perhaps our gandalf is in line for the FE's job.

then anyone caught trying to bring a smile to any one's face will be thrown out...


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