Very Slow Tiscalli Broadband - Please Help

  Rich 3570 19:00 11 Nov 2005

I have had Tiscalli Broadband for almost a month on their 1Mbps package, however using multiple speed tests (including Tiscalli's own) i get a download speed of only 200-300 kbps.

I have Tiscallis Modem, I have a new version of Norton Internet security (also with the spyware and ADware scanner) I also use spybot and my system appears clean, so i don;t think anything else is using the connection.

I have spent two nights on the phone to their help centre in India, who to cut a long story short, didn't do anything (I also have the phone bills to prove how long i was on there), and eventually blaimed BT for doing maintenence, which BT unsurprisingly denied.

Basically im paying for broadband but getting almost dial up speeds. I have a 1 year contract, and i don't know what i can do. To rub salt in my wounds every time i connect, the connection icon says "connected at 2.3Mbps !!!!" x10 the speed im actually getting.

I know that they say "up to 1Mbps" but only 20% of this is just a joke.

Also I'm sure it would be asked, but i do like playing games on line (but can't at the mo with this slow speed) but otherwise don't download any large files so i shouldn't have fallen foul of the fair use policy. At obscure times (as in very much off peak eg 2am) the connection speed does speed up but still to only 400Kbps.

Any help would be very much appreaciated....


  GaT7 19:11 11 Nov 2005
  Stuartli 19:30 11 Nov 2005

Crossbow7 has beaten me to it (been out) but just a small point - the 2.3MB speed pop-up is the speed of which your line is capable.

However, this fact seems to escape Ticali in too many instances for comfort.

  Rich 3570 19:33 11 Nov 2005

according to Tiscali speed check I'm now getting 256.00 Mbps (arn't you all jelous) or maybe they are confusing M with K.

  woodchip 19:41 11 Nov 2005

Looks like they are not meeting there contract

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