Very slow startup on PC?

  vliety 18:43 25 Nov 2004

A friend of mine who doesn't have much understanding of PC's showed me his PC which was being really slow on it's Bootstrap startup.
It literally takes about 5mins to startup before Xp is powered up. I ran the latest anti-virus checks as some programs were acting suspisciously and Norton 2005 IS detected only spyware.
Now that's how far Iv'e got! does anybody have any solutions apart from a sledge hammer!

  Jeffers22 18:59 25 Nov 2004

What processor? Anything below 1 Gig will be slow.
Too much in startup? Take a look at what progs are loading at startup and delete any that aren't really necessary - esp BIG ones.
Too little RAM? Minimum is 256Mb for XP, but 512Mb would show a significant improvement.

  Jeffers22 19:00 25 Nov 2004

When I sy delete, I mean delete from the startup process, not delete the progs themselves.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:00 25 Nov 2004

1 - check what is running at startup via start, run, msconfig and the startup tab.

2 - click here
and disable any unnecessary processes.

3 - run the defragementer

4 - boot into safe-mode and see if there is any improvement.

5 - do a spyware scan with click here
cws click here
A² or click here

  vliety 19:07 25 Nov 2004

Thanks for replying
Not quite sure whether or not the problem is before Windows Xp kicks in it's actually when the PC is turned on the screen goes blank for about 2 mins then the screen goes from that to having a white line through the centre for about 3mins then windows xp kicks in the speed of startup is not to bad from then on. I will check the processer speed when I get the chance also Norton 2005 has a built in anti-spam actually found adaware-spyware detection?

  vliety 17:43 29 Nov 2004

any answers to my query

  Dorsai 18:29 29 Nov 2004

One thing that may help is the m/Soft BootVis program. It traces the boot process, and logs the time the various drivers etc take to load up.

You then get a report showing what loaded, when it started loading, and how long it took to load.

Understanding the resulting report is not easy, but as you say it takes 5 mins, there may well be one item taking ages. And i am not saying i am any good at reading it.

It is avaliabe click here

perhaps it will help narrow the porblem down a bit.

  SEASHANTY 20:21 29 Nov 2004


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