very slow start up

  will the conk 17:52 26 Jul 2005

switching on the computer I get the screen which shows the Main Processor is Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz (133x20.0) the rest of the screen is blank with press F1 or DEL to enter setup right at the bottom. In other words it does not show the IDE drives etc. This screen stays for a long time ( approx 2mins 10 secs) and then I get the found iDE drives followed by the windows XP home which is my OS. and it goes through this, and then the screen goes blank once again but after a further 1min 20 secs it comes up with the Users details which on my computer is 4 people. On clicking on my user detail I get the MS music and up comes the desktop with icons. Over all this has taken 4.5 mins.
Has anyone any ideas as to what has happened to cause this? I am a 72 year old brit, so not the quickest on the planet,but any help will be more than appreciated.
Pressing F1 or DEL on the opening screen do NOTHING.
Also the computer takes a long time to close down.
Your help and/or advice will be appreciated, particularly if it is simple ( Like me)

  Halmer 21:29 26 Jul 2005

Start (bottom left hand corner) then Run then type msconfig. OK this and then go to the Startup tab at the top right.

How many green ticks are there?

  will the conk 22:57 26 Jul 2005

Halmer, there are 37 items with ticks against them of which I understand approx 1%, what do you suggest now

  VoG II 23:01 26 Jul 2005
  woodchip 23:01 26 Jul 2005

remove all ticks except anti-virus and firewall restart and see how fast it is. you need to put a tick in the box that will pop up when windows loads before closing the box or it will come up every time you start. if you get any complaints about things not working running then put a tick back in the relevant box

  will the conk 09:21 15 Aug 2005

After trying (almost) everything my youngest son who works for HP solved this during the weekend.It appears that the USB ports which are "on board" had packed up and consequently the computer was searching long and hard for them. A new PCI board with USB outlets has made the computer return to its "before" condition. My thanks to everyone who tried to help me,we can now add this method to the others, if some other old chap has this difficulty.
Many thanks.

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