Very slow PC close down after botched up iTunes update

  compumac 10:11 10 Apr 2015

Win 8.1. SSD system HD.

Prior to recent botched up iTunes update the Boot up time was about 36 seconds and close down about 14 seconds. After iTunes update Boot up time about 60 seconds BUT close down about five/six minutes

Any thoughts out there?

I found that if I went to Power Options:- Deselect “Turn on Fast Start up” close down in 14seconds! Boot up time to CPU meter would take 60 seconds. Select “Turn on Fast Start up” close down in several minutes, boot up time to CPU meter 36 seconds.

  compumac 11:32 10 Apr 2015


Thanks for that but already tried it. I do have Acronis images from before that but at this stage would prefer to seek other ways.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:54 10 Apr 2015

Use CCleaner to clear tempory files left over from the update also use the registry cleaner in CCleaner a couple of times until nothing found then retry.

  john bunyan 12:54 10 Apr 2015

I have come across this in the past with iTunes. Jock's solution works if you do it soon after. If not there is a time consuming method that works well. You will not lose your iTunes data 9tunes etc) but it is worth making a back up to another drive first.

After the total uninstall, download and install the latest version of iTunes.

Uninstall I tunes

Please do all the steps on order. Worked for me in the past.

  john bunyan 12:57 10 Apr 2015

Good point from Fruit bat, do the CCleaner reg clean after the uninstall and prior to the reinstall.

  compumac 13:21 10 Apr 2015

Fruit Bat/\0/\

CCleaner - Been there done that. Do it before and after every installation/update.

john bunyan. Had seen that suggestion before but have not as yet gone down that way. Will try that later today

  compumac 13:41 10 Apr 2015

When I first tried to update iTunes a week or so ago, upon starting iTunes:- “ITunes not installed correctly please re-install” “Error 7 (Windows error 127)”

Tried this twice and I was then going to go down the avenue in the manner of removing iTunes in the correct manner but whilst pondering on this I found that it had updated to the latest version!!

Do you consider that the iTunes problem in updating could be a contributory factor to the slow closing down of the PC?

  john bunyan 15:34 10 Apr 2015


All I know is that in the past I have had to use the long winded way of correcting I tunes, and it worked. I may be wrong but I seem to recall an incompatibility with an anti virus programme; I now use Avast, some time ago Avira,

If it is now up to date, it may be that it is not worth the long procedure involved. On shut down, I usually get a splash screen showing if a programme is delaying the shut down - I suppose it was not a windows update being installed?

  compumac 15:48 10 Apr 2015

john bunyan

When closing down there is no indication of a programme delaying shutdown, I wish there was in which case I could follow that course.

The screen just goes black but the there are still things going on as indicated by the fan going and the lights still showing.

I am not averse to going down the road of removing iTunes and its associated applications, but wonder as to the cause being the possible corruption or otherwise in the iTunes installation.

  john bunyan 15:53 10 Apr 2015

I suspect Secret Squirrel or Fruit Bat or one of the more expert forumites will be more knowledgeable on that issue.

  rdave13 16:32 10 Apr 2015

I don't run system restore on my SSD. Saves disc space and wear on the drive. I also don't run hibernation. Again saves disc space as that folder gets a bit large. Disabling hibernation also disables fast boot.

You can try disabling hibernation by opening CMD as admin and typing or copy and paste powercfg -h off and enter.

Try your booting times, which will be a tad longer, and your shut-down times. Also check the SSD and how much free space you have now.

If you're not happy with the results you can re-enable hibernation via CMD admin and type or copy and paste powercfg -h on .

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