Very slow pc after installing via driver

  Mother 21:18 11 Oct 2003

I have read thru every thread that i can find on via's website regarding an odd situation i have come across and i hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

After numerous registry errors and various crashes, umpteen game installs and UNinstalls, i decided the time was right for a clean install for the kids machine. This computer uses Win98se, (it's much better for gaming).

I formatted and installed 98Se with no problems at all. My first step then was to install the via driver which came with the board ( via service pack 4.23).This i have done a couple of times in the past with no problems at all. The plan then would be to update it with the 4.38 driver, and poss try the 4.48 driver as suggested by Gigabyte.

However, as soon as i installed the 4.23 and then rebooted,i see that the computer has gone and slammed the brakes on! I mean it takes upwards of 5 minutes to boot up to windows.

Boot up time with windows only on the hard drive is less 60 secs.

Boot up time with windows AND via 4.23 (or any other via driver )almost 5 minutes.!?!?

I have went thru bios very carefully and all is as it should be.
I tried to uninstall the driver, but the slow down isn't cured.I then tried various fixes, from installing other drivers over the top, to reformatting the drive and trying various other drivers, but each time time system slows to a crawl. It is so slow to boot that i can go make a coffee and be sat down and watch it finish loading up.
The computer is fine without any of the drivers installed, but not so fine when i install any via drivers.
I am well and trully stumped.

Mobo gigabyte GA-7zx
Cpu amd Duron 1.2G
Memory 256mb
geforce2 mx 440

Any suggestions will be gratefully recieved.

  BBez 23:15 11 Oct 2003

goto VIA's site and install the latest version of the 4 in 1's click here. There is a few bug fixes with each release so this may cure you're problem...

  Mother 01:38 12 Oct 2003

Thanks for the help but i had already tried that.

However, i have managed to resolve the situation by simply NOT enabling DMA mode.Everything is now perfect.

I am wondering why this should be because i have never had to do this before.

Strangly when i installed PowerDVD,i am given the option here to enable DMA mode,which i did out of curiosity.Everything is as it should be with none of the problems i had previously experienced.

I shall tick this as resolved,but perhaps someone could enlighten me as to why the oddity of the DMA situation.
Thanks once again.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 01:49 12 Oct 2003

Power dvd i think only puts DMA mode on cd drives and not the hdd,whitch is why it doesnt affect the boot up.

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