Very Slow Loading of GOOGLE

  Furkin 10:16 30 May 2008

Hi all,
has anything recently changed in the way that Google loads ?
About a fortnight ago, my usually very rapid machine, started to take ages to load google. As far as I recall, I havn't done anything to the machine that might have contributed to this.
I use BT B.Band & Supanet.
It worked perfectly until a couple of weeks ago.
Once it's loaded - the rest of the operations seem o.k.

cheers all

  yaesu 10:50 30 May 2008

Hi, a couple of seconds here with ie7 and Sky bb. yaesu

  Furkin 07:46 01 Jun 2008

It seems that I am also getting a Go Slow when clicking on some links here on PCA !

At first, I thought the machine was locking-up, as when I click on a link, everything freezes. I get the 'hand' curser,,,, but instead of it actually being locked up,,,, will 'eventually' follow the link (sometimes).
For the rest of my On Line stuff - once Google has loaded - things seem o.k. - tis only the initial loading that seems to be a problem !

Any ideas please folks ?

  Furkin 07:47 01 Jun 2008

I am using IE6, XP, 2gb RAM on Aspire T120.

  Furkin 13:56 01 Jun 2008

Since starting this post, I'm noticing more anomalies.

The problem seems to be with 'links',,,,
if I click on links, everything stops,,,, I get the hand curser - as though it's searching for the target. That lasts for about a minute - then nothing comes up.
If I look for the properties & manually put it in the address bar - then it shoots to the target - no problem.

I don't think it's anything to do with my mouse - but I tried a new one anyway - no better.

Everything else about the machine is fine,,,,, all other programs are as fast as ever,,,, I have 2gb RAM,,,, 160gb HDD (half full),,,, no big programs,,,, am not a ‘gamer’,,,, did a scan on Thursday & Defrag on Friday.

Thanks for reading,,,,,,,,,,

  Earthsea 14:08 01 Jun 2008

Are you using AVG 8 with the security toolbar (Yahoo toolbar)?

  Furkin 16:53 01 Jun 2008

Yep - I'm using AVG v8,,, but not the Yahoo tool bar (unless I don't know ?!)
I've been running AVG8 for quite a while tho' & the prob only started about 2 weeks ago.

  Furkin 10:46 03 Jun 2008

You will now be aware that it isn't just Google,,,, but lots & lots of other links also.
Someone said that the LinkScanner in v8 of AVG WILL be the cause,,,, but------>
I disabled LinkScanner a couple of days ago.
Obviously re started the computer a few times as well.
It has made no difference.

This morning I dropped a line to AVG to ask for help (whatever they come up with will be posted here - for others)
The strange thing is, that my problem also effects the links on their own pages !

I repeat that: Everything else on the computer is fine,,,, speedy downloads,,, e-mail / attachments etc etc etc.

I am now wondering if I ought to revert back to v7.5 ?!


Just realised that I am running XP PRO now (not Home as mentioned somewhere) So I don't know if that makes a difference.

any more ideas out there please ?

thanks again folks

((ADMIN: Should I start a new post with different title now ?))

  birdface 11:08 03 Jun 2008

Try turning off the Resident Shield in AVG as well see if that makes a difference,When trying to open Google open Taskmanager and see what is hogging the CPU.

  birdface 11:13 03 Jun 2008

Try with your Add-ons turned off.Next time you get into Google try.View.Web page privacy policy.If anything disabled on there Enable it.Or Tools.Internet Options..Advanced.And press restore advanced settings.Right click local area connection and press repair. see if there is a DNS error.

  Furkin 12:36 03 Jun 2008

Thanks Bute:
Have Restored Default in Advanced.
Have tried to repair in LAN mode, but get error:
cannot finish repair - the following cannot be completed = Clearing DNS cache (contact network manager).

(have to pop ou now so will carry on on my return.)

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