Very slow keystokes in Word

  ruskle 14:36 21 Jan 2007

I have just had a phone call from a friend so am not too sure about the system but the problem is this.

When he types a letter or number in Word there is a delay of 2 seconds before the character appears on the screen, he says it is taking ages to write a letter and I can understand that. When he uses the keyboard for any other program there is no delay.
The machine is a 1 month old Satellite Pro.

He is turning to me for help but I am clueless and hope the forum can help, please.

Thanks, ruskle.

  SANTOS7 14:42 21 Jan 2007

click here
this may help..

  Kingfisher 14:44 21 Jan 2007

Hi ruskie, try this
Open Word click on help then select detect and repair,you will need your original disk,If that doesn't work the try reinstalling word, set a restore point first just in case
good luck

  ruskle 15:22 21 Jan 2007

Thanks for the replies but I am sorry to say that we were all miss-led.

It now seems from further telephone calls that the very slow input from the keyboard to screen happens all the time and not just in Word, for example, when putting in a password etc for the Internet.

I talked him through the Control panel/keyboard setup and it says the device is working OK.
The machine has 512 memory of which 144 is free. virtual memory is 2Gb with 1.6Gb available and he has just installed broadband which works fine. The problem was there before he installed broadband. The machine was a Christmas present for his wife and worked correctly at first, he is not sure what happened or when the fault cropped up but we are trying to resolve it before he runs the recovery disc. I told him to do a restore but he is reluctant to mess up his BB, it took him ages to set it up, I would have recommended a restore.
Anymore suggestions,
thanks, ruskle

  SANTOS7 15:26 21 Jan 2007

I would try another keyboard first, if the problem is
generic it maybe down to spy/mal ware..

  ruskle 16:33 21 Jan 2007

The PC is a Toshiba laptop, no spare keyboars available. I once saw a laptop with a virtual keyboard using the mouse to input data. How do I get that installed?
I will mention a virus when he next rings.


  Eric10 16:53 21 Jan 2007

It is probably already installed. All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, On-Screen Keyboard.

  ruskle 21:35 29 Jan 2007

Still no joy chaps, thanks anyway.

  Cyclone 21:42 29 Jan 2007

You can get this problem when you have a printer attached using a parallel connection. If you have, try disconnecting it and see what happens.

  ruskle 21:48 29 Jan 2007

Sorry Cyclone, no printer has been installed.
Thanks anyway.

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