Very Slow Downloading on some Sites

  russmini 23:10 23 Aug 2008

The last week or so i've experianced Really Slow 'Downloading' on various Different sites.

You Tube, Facebook to name but 2.

Anything you think that may have happened somewhere ?

Really starting to Annoy me now. Can't look at anything on You Tube, cause it takes about 10 Minutes just to download a short clip.

Facebook is similar, around 5-10 minutes just to open up, then the same again as i'm trying to look at things.

This is the same on other sites as well, just thought i'd give those 2 as examples...

Thank You.


  rdave13 23:15 23 Aug 2008

Try a BB speed test from;
click here or
click here .
Might be a problem with your ISP.

  woodchip 23:17 23 Aug 2008

Nothing you can do some are like that, while others use compression to speed things up

  rdave13 23:21 23 Aug 2008

Don't you think that checking the bandwidth is worth doing?
Seems that russmini's downloading/streaming is slow.

  russmini 23:56 23 Aug 2008


The First one gave...

Download: 1760kbps
Upload: 219kbps

The Second one gave...

Download: 1786kbps
Upload: 326kbps

That to me, looks not too bad on Download (i'm on 2mb line, cause that all i can get where i live), but a bit Pants on Upload...

Comments welcome.

Thanks, Russ.

  rdave13 00:05 24 Aug 2008

Seems reasonable for 2 meg.
Download Ccleaner; click here .
Read the help files, in case you don't want to delete your history etc., and run it to clear temp files and cashes.
click here
Close all browsers before running ccleaner.

Try streaming from youtube or other again.

  russmini 00:09 24 Aug 2008

Had and used Ccleaner for Years mate.

Also got pretty much all the other Good Cleaner type programs that are suggested.

I try to keep on top of this poor old system of mine, but seems to be failing lately.

Just want it to keep going till i get my New one.

Oh, and i don't think that's the reason, cause it's just Suddenly happened.

Thanks again though, Russ.

  rdave13 00:25 24 Aug 2008

Your download speed seems ok, you've run the updated Ccleaner with all browsers closed, so that leaves me at a loss....mate.

  russmini 09:35 24 Aug 2008

Ok, thanks anyway.

I'll just have to carry on with it being Slow...

Well at least i can sort of see the New Computer on the Horizon...ish...

Thanks again.

  woodchip 17:06 24 Aug 2008

You are not going to better the figures you put above

  russmini 17:10 24 Aug 2008

Yeh, i figured they wern't too bad.

Just seems Strange why a Few sites have Suddenly just gone Absolutly Pants....

Oh Well...

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