very slow downloading

  wiseowle 14:16 02 Apr 2009

Hi I have changed my sever from aol to bt and now finding that anything that I download takes forever like the following.
Broadband speed 1/2 a meg ps (same as aol)
60mb download ,transfer rate 16.5kb takes at least 1 hour is this correct?
I have nothing on the computer that would slow it up I'm using PC doc. Would it be anything to do with the settings?
Any help would be apreciated
using Windows XP

  Clapton is God 14:22 02 Apr 2009

"transfer rate 16.5kb takes at least 1 hour is this correct?"

No, it's not 'correct'.

click here to establish the BB speeds you're actually achieving.

  RobCharles1981 14:38 02 Apr 2009


From another rubbish ISP to another!!

Can you post your line stats please if possible?

click here

  wiseowle 18:56 02 Apr 2009

download is 131 kbp
upload is 184 kbps

  (~oo~) 19:13 02 Apr 2009

Thats about right.

60,000 divided by 16.5 gives

3750 seconds or just over an hour.

Your download speed is poor for a 5121kb connection. At it's peak you should get 60kbp, it could be the time of day or the website you are downloading from.

  (~oo~) 19:14 02 Apr 2009

a 512Kb connection. DOH!!

  wiseowle 19:27 02 Apr 2009

Hi when I had aol downloads were done in say 15 mins so am I stuck with this slow speed?
sorry for the slow responce computer is saying IE has enccounted a problem and is shuting down (keeps happening)

  (~oo~) 19:50 02 Apr 2009

Try the speed checker at different times to find your best speed. 6pm to 10.30pm and weekends usually give slow speeds, because thats the time most people surf.

  kidsis 19:53 02 Apr 2009

how long is it since you changed supplier? When you first change there can be a period of a few days before the speeds settle down.

  wiseowle 19:57 02 Apr 2009

Hi it looks like its something that I have to put up with. Many thanks to all who have replied to my problem much appreciated for your time given. I will mark this solved

  wiseowle 19:58 02 Apr 2009

Hi kidsis, it's been at least 3 months

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