Very slow BroadBand lately.

  Furkin 23:56 24 Sep 2010

ACER T120 Desktop. XP sp3 IE8

Yesterday, my B.T (don't laff) Broad Band slowed to an almost stand still. Whatever site I visited took ages to load and even then, trying to navigate around them was impossible. Even the wouldn't operate, as the download was too slow !
I called BT & spoke to a wonderful lady in Mumbai (we discussed sunburn creams etc). She told me to try speedtester, which I did. It came up with "your profile is 6000k" and she insisted that 6000k is a great speed.
The progress bar showed an actual speed of 17k (thats 17K,,,, not M). Even though she got me to use that tester, it seems (to me) that she can't understand it.
I was hoping that someone at BT would say "oh yes - we have a glitch on our hub" type thing,,,, but they didn't.
My B.B has never been great, topping out at about 4.5m

Does anyone know if there has been a problem with BT B.Band or maybe Google etc ?

The rest of my machine runs fast enough on its local programmes etc.

Thanks for reading.

  rdave13 00:07 25 Sep 2010

As your speed is poor then switch off your Hub for about 5 minutes. Switch it on again and let it synchronise.
Browse for about an hour then try click here to see your download/upload speeds.
If still poor try changing your filters. Leave some time in case speed improves. If that doesn't work then you'll have to contact BT again I'm afraid.

  dfh 09:30 25 Sep 2010

Lots of people have been moaning about this on their forum, click here, you could try contacting one of their moderators, they are normally very good.

  Furkin 09:37 25 Sep 2010

Thanks Dave,
I had already switched of the Home Hub Router 2.0 several times, as well as re-booting the machine 2/3 times.
As above: I've tried Speedtest (my usual tester) about 10/12 times. When it did manage to load the map & Start button (which isn't often) it will only run the Ping. It's running too slow for this test to work.
I don't need filters on my new adsl v1.0 socket.

B.T: I had previously contacted the chairmans office on other matters, so have a contact there. He called last night to arrange a phone call this a.m.

Will update later.

  Furkin 11:25 26 Sep 2010

Contact did call,,,, to tell me that someone in Ireland will call on Monday !

Thanks DFH,
Have had a quick look. There seems to be several people with similar problems, with no results.

I've added my 2 pen'orth to one thread, and put another asking how to check my CN20/21 system & modulation 992.3/992.5 (not that this is part of my problem, but I just want to know).

Today (Sun) my speed is creeping up again, but some of the authors on the BT Forum have had that also, only for it to drop off vastly after a short while.

Update: as & when.

  YAMA 06:51 27 Sep 2010

best thing out is to remove bb, do a cclean---do a defrag-- re.load bb, it will run as it should/yamma-- i know idid it with my bb last year and x finger runing great, yama

  Furkin 08:58 27 Sep 2010

Thanks Yama,
I may try that at some point.

The speed did creep up a bit yesterday,,,, but has gone down a bit today.

Will wait to see what Ireland fella says !?

  Diemmess 11:55 27 Sep 2010

Had the same desperation from Saturday 18th through to Friday last.
Speed dropped from 5500K to the worst of 5K.
Tried everything BT offered on their tech helpline.
click here
mid week found that most of our village had suffered the same eclipse.
Seems back as normal now but might be worth thinking about a line fault.
At no time did I have any problem with the phone.

Like Firkin I was assured that 7100K was very fast and the drop was a result of traffic!

At that point I said it was most unsatisfactory and was thereapon promised a visit (this afternoon) from a BT broadband engineer.

  Furkin 09:08 28 Sep 2010


1/ As I had been promised a call from Ireland, I stayed at home all day - foregoing a physiotherapy session - only to be called at 20:00 hours.

The call lasted 30 seconds and all I was told was "do not turn the router off - at all".

This is all very well, but - like thousands of other 'transformer' fed items - isn't the transformer likely to fail if left on all the time, before the router does ?
(In the mean time, my speed has gone up slightly since this started. Still not right,,,, still drops out now & again)

2/ For some reason, my 'Profile', which had been 6000k since I had this problem, has now gone down to 4500k. To my cynical mind, my immediate thoughts were that the profile has been reduced to fit the problem - rather than fix the problem.

How is/are the profiles allocated ?

thanks all

  Furkin 09:15 28 Sep 2010

Diemmess: Did you get sorted in the end ?
I've been on BT BB forum and it seems that they are oblivious as to how to fix these many many problems. There are thousands of customers with a similar problem - yet no admittance of a problem at their end, or how to fix it.

Another problem with BT, is that they no longer care whether we stay with 'em or not.
They virtually throw authority numbers/bacs at us, to enable us to move suppliers, rather than fix things.

Good Luck mate

  RobCharles1981 10:26 28 Sep 2010


Can you post your full line stats from the BT Home Hub Please?

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