Very Simple Dial Up Question...Maybe

  Kilty 13:52 12 Jan 2009

This is probably quite an easy question, but Im not that offay with dial up. Once you set up an account with a company, is it possible to connect to that account from any phone line, or do you have to be at the registered address.

Im trying to set up a dial up modem for a friend at my house, with the account details registered at their address. I can dial through, but then it fails.

Thanks for any help in advance.

  canarieslover 13:58 12 Jan 2009

From memory I should say that you will need to be using phone line that it is set up on. You actually have to put your phone number in as part of the set up process.

  ambra4 14:14 12 Jan 2009

“Is it possible to connect to that account from any phone line”

Yes, the phone number you dial is the ISP dial up access number, once the user name and password is correct the server will allow you access to the Internet server

“Or do you have to be at the registered address”

No, you do not have to be at the registered address or even in the same country

  Kilty 14:19 12 Jan 2009

Thanks for all help, think the problem lies with the modem as my laptop connects fine. Will start a new thread to ask about that!!

Thanks again to you both.

  Stuartli 15:50 12 Jan 2009

When I had a dial-up account with WorldOnline/Tiscali, the ISP's phone numbers (depending on which service you chose) were all prefixed by "1470," (still the case today).

This ensures that only the phone number to which the dial-up service is registered (apart from PAYG) can be used for surfing (and billing!)

There is a technical term, but can't remember it; 1471 is the reverse in that you can find out who last telephoned you by dialling that number.

By the way, the comma ensures a slight delay before the number is dialled - adding more commas increases the delay.

  Graham. 16:11 12 Jan 2009

1470 releases your number if it is normally witheld.

So it depends on the service your friend has signed up to. If it is tied to one line, then it will connect via a free 0800 number.

If it is Pay as you go, then connect from any phone, usually at local call rate. This is popular with laptop users so they can plug in anywhere.

  Switcher 17:01 12 Jan 2009

Pay as you go dial up often only work if used on a BT line.

  Stuartli 18:39 12 Jan 2009

1470 can release your number if it's usually not revealed or ex-directory.

However, the CLI (Caller Line Identification) service (i.e. 1470) is also used by ISPs to ensure that dial-up subscribers are using their registered telephone number for their Internet service.

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