very serious problem

  albal 21:44 09 Oct 2006

hello there,I am encountering some very serious problems with my email,i am receiving unwanted emails which sometimes are of sick content,they are sometimes SPAM but mostly not,they are things coming from "DAEMON" and "postmaster" and undelivered subsystem message and more,i have spam filter but this doesnt stop the problem,i probably get 10 - 15 a day,aswell they are being sent to my email address even thogh i have not sent them out but in the "TO" part in the header of an email they are my email address apart from the bit before the @ part of the address,ive tried blocking them but there are to many different addresses coming to me,i have anti viruses,anti spyware and they all say that the system is clean,PLEASE PLEASE help.I have thought about ringing the police but dont no if that would help.

  mammak 21:52 09 Oct 2006

Just delete I think the poice might have a tad more pressing matters to deal with.

  mammak 21:53 09 Oct 2006

even police sorry about that typo

  STREETWORK 21:56 09 Oct 2006

Who is your ISP...

These are randomly generated emails do not open them of reply to them. Your ISP may be able to filter out email using key words like the ones you do not like to hear. Other than that you can use a free or paid for email filter which will learn as it goes or by entering keywords in the email filter options...

Police could not do anything about it as they usually come from asia...

  albal 21:56 09 Oct 2006

not if they saw this type of email

  albal 21:58 09 Oct 2006

hi there streetwork,thanks for your reply,my isp told me there is nothing they can do and said goodbye.

  it_girl 21:58 09 Oct 2006

Start with Google (free spam filter).
Never give out your e-mail address especially to friends or workmates.

  Bingalau 22:01 09 Oct 2006

I think you should have "Mailwasher" installed ASAP. I'm not sure of the address but you will find it on Google or I am pretty sure someone will send it to you very soon when they see your plea for help... So don't worry just hang in there a bit. If no one else gets through to you with it I will see if I can find the details. ..Bingalau..

  mammak 22:03 09 Oct 2006

I am sorry you are having these problems they are upsetting I agree but the police have not the resources to take it up no matter how upsetting it is for you and I am sure it is but come on

  palinka 22:10 09 Oct 2006

if you know where to look (and how) you wil probably find that most of them are not really sent to you at all. They are sent to addresses LIKE yours. eg if your email begins william @ somewhere they are sent to wilkins, or wilson or wilmer @ somewhere, and your isp reads that as YOUR address.
It's a fairly standard way of spamming. What you must NOT do is open them or reply as that then tells the spammer that you exist and gives him your genuine email address.
We all suffer from this from time to time. Some ISPs are worse than others in this respect.
You can stop much of it by using a filter based on words in the subject line, or in the body of the email.
Just ignore them and don't worry.

  Stuartli 23:38 09 Oct 2006

Why not try Mozilla's Thunderbird?

It has a Junk filter which can be "trained" to recognise such e-mails, immediately send them to the Junk folder and then deleted as and when required.

You can import all your Outlook Express configuration (I'm presuming you use OE) either during or after installation of Thunderbird.

You should, however, retain OE as the Default e-mail program until after T'bird installation before importing the OE settings. See;

click here

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