very quick defragmenting question

  keewaa 11:30 16 Nov 2005

If I defragment in safe mode would it be any quicker ... or is it restricted by the speed of the hard disc?

  jbp1982 11:31 16 Nov 2005

don't think it would make any difference, other than running processes being fewer.


  SANTOS7 11:34 16 Nov 2005

Safe mode stops nearly all running processes so while you are defragging there is less chance of it being interupted.
click here
more info here...

  keef66 11:35 16 Nov 2005

I just did exactly that on a win98se machine with an 8gig HDD, because something kept interrupting the defrag otherwise. It took 2 hours, but did complete properly.

  Chegs ® 11:40 16 Nov 2005

If your using 98se,then defrag in safe mode will complete quicker as there is less chance of interuptions causing a restart.You can also d/l the Win ME defrag to use in 98se as its slightly quicker,or get Diskeeper Lite.XP doesn't really care whether you defrag in safemode or not,and its defrag is quite quick but still not as quick as Diskeepers.

  keewaa 12:09 16 Nov 2005

Is it possible to mess up the computer during defrag or are there adequate safety measures built in ... sometimes it will say "moving program.exe" ... eg if the power goes off ?

  jbp1982 12:39 16 Nov 2005


When it's moving files, it's actually moving them on the hard disk not within windows. The file or program will show up in windows exactly where it was before the defrag.

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