Very odd display problem in Win XP

  barnettgs 18:20 06 Mar 2004

My friend is bringing his pc over complaining about his display problem so I first looked at it.

Display on monitor looked fine to me but it has switched itself to 8 bit and then back to 32 bits every few minutes so I decided to uninstall nvidia display driver but when tried to change it to basic AGP Graphic Adaptor but somehow it isn't there anymore. So I decided to forget it and rebooted the computer. This time, the graphic card driver isn't there and no nvidia advanced settings but 16bit and 32bit can still be selected there even when there's no driver attached with no name!

With or without driver, it is still switching between 8 bits and 32 bit randomly from time to time.

I suspect there is something wrong with Windows XP in it as there's no basic graphic driver which you can fall back when uninstalling nvidia driver.

Does not made a different when i use one of my graphic card with proper driver installed.

Anyone had it before?

  johnnyrocker 18:46 06 Mar 2004

system restore?

  hugh-265156 19:07 06 Mar 2004

"graphic card driver isn't there"

isnt where exactly?

windows does use its own basic vga driver when you uninstall the graphics cards driver otherwise you would not be able to see the screen to reinstall it.

try this:

download the latest nvidia driver and save to your desktop etc for later.

next download this click here and install it but dont run it yet.

next check add remove programs for any listing of nvidia drivers,if so uninstall.

next check device manager and if the card is listed here,right click and uninstall it.shut down the computer and open up the case and reseat the card.

next turn on the computer in safe mode(tap F8 while windows starts.when in safe mode run driver cleaner.(read instructions)

when done restart in normal mode and windows will/should find the graphics card again and prompt to install the cancel and your downloaded one above to install.

  barnettgs 02:45 07 Mar 2004

Windows 'own basic vga driver' isn't there...thats why I called it very odd!

Sadly, it is working now only after a fresh install of windows xp. Windows' repair cd didn't work.

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