Very noisy HDD data search

  Procrastinus 21:13 07 Nov 2006

A new 120MB Maxtor back-up drive for a Dell 5100, XP + SP2. But it has a very noisy search for new files - a 'scratching/rattling' sound as if the data search arm is chattering and working very hard. It has taken on data and seem to be otherwise running satisfactorily but I am concerned that it's life will die one day after quarantee expires! Can I tone it's enthusiasm down or is this just run of the mill and not a disaster waiting around the corner? The other Maxtor drive is very quiet. Return to sender? I would appreciate any advice.

  FatboySlim71 22:28 07 Nov 2006

It may need defragmented, there is a program in the control panel on XP, go into control panel/performance and maintainance/ and choose "rearrange items on your hard disc to make programs run faster", if the drive is running slower than usual this could well be the case.

  Procrastinus 12:24 08 Nov 2006

Thanks FatboySlim71 for your comments. I have run defrag but no real change to the noise. I tried to go to "rearrange items..." but I only have "Performance" not Performance and Maintenance" and mine does not have the "rearrange" option! I did read somewhere that it is possible to slow down the search rate of a HDD but this will make the whole disc slower also - not a problem as the noisy HDD is a backup. Any info on this?

  FatboySlim71 12:40 08 Nov 2006

I have not heard of,
"slowing down the search rate of a HDD but this will make the whole disc slower also"

Sorry I can't be anymore help.

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