Very Low Broadband Speed from Metronet/PlusNet

  Springer2 09:56 19 Jul 2009

Hi, I am with Metronet on an 8MB tariff with 2gb monthly download. Up until mid-May the download speed was around 2.5mb which was fine for my needs. Then we went on holiday for 2 weeks and I shut the whole system down and disconnected the router from the telephone line. When I got back the speed had slowed right down to 350kb but I left everything connected as I expected it to speed up again. Around early June Metronet (Plusnet) were having some problems with the broadband service so I did not worry too much. However after their problems were sorted I was still having slow speed problems and so raised a ticket with Metronet Support. They told me that they were seeing a large number of disconnections and asked me to carry out some changes. These had no effect so Metronet asked BT to test the line which came back with a clean bill of health. I have moved the PC downstairs so that I can connect directly into the BT socket. Actually mine is an old style GPO socket but has a hard wired connection of 1.5m to a wall mounted BT socket. The PC is now in the wall socket and no phones are connected or anything else except an alarm system with digital dialler. This is wired into the master GPO socket.

I have fitted a new router Linksys G Wirerless ADSL 2+Gateway. The net result is thst I am still seeing slow speeds even early in the morning ( 0800) when using the BT Speed Checker. The sort of results that I get are: Configured IP 2000k, actual IP 297k, Downstream 3488k, Upstream 488k. Often the BT Speed Test says that the results are inconclusive. When I carryout other speed tests such as Iplayer, or PC Advisor the download results are around 300-350kb.

Looking at Plusnet's web site I see that for many activities on their two lower priced tariffs the dwonload speeds are kept quite low during most of the day and evenings. Only on the most expensive tariff is line speed enabled all day. I have asked Plusnet whether this would affect the BT Speed Tests but have not had a reply. I would arrange for a BT engineer to visit but at over £140 I need to be sure that the problem is not within the house. My PC is a Mesh desktop with a twin Intel processor 2.3 Ghz and 2.0G RAM running Windows Vista Home Premium.

My son had a similar problem with his broadband and changed to Zen and speeds improved without him doing anything else. Could it be that my ISP is causing these problems?

  zant 15:57 19 Jul 2009


Open the link and go to the Plus Net or Metronet pages

click here

  RobCharles1981 16:35 19 Jul 2009


Can you post your full line stats from your router please?

  Springer2 18:39 19 Jul 2009

Zant , thanks I have had a reply from Metronet and linked to their management policy. I have no limits applied until I reach my overall usage allowance which is 10gb. Up until then I should be at line speed as I pay for all usage. Also Metronet have told me that when using BT Speed Checker the tests are normally given priority.

Robthe organguru, the new Linksys router seems a bit low on stats unlike my previous 3Com. Can you tell me what stats I should be looking for? On BT Speed Checks I am now getting 3488k downstream, upstream 448k, actual IP 297k Configured IP 2000k.

  Springer2 18:49 19 Jul 2009

I have found a link that gives the following stats for my Router:
--- System Information ---
Vendor: Linksys
ModelName: WAG54G2
Firmware Version: 1.00.10 , 2008-08-01T20:20:49
Boot Version: 1.03
Hardware Version: 0.01

--- DSL Information ---
DSL Driver Version: E.25.41.39
DSL Status: Showtime
DSL Mode: G.Dmt
DSL Channel: 64
DSL Upstream Rate: 448000
DSL Downstream Rate: 3488000

Down up
DSL Noise Margin: 27.0 dB 44.5 dB
DSL Attenuation: 16 dB 14.5 dB
DSL Transmit Power: 18.1 dBm 11.5 dBm

--- Wireless Information ---
Wireless Driver Version: 2.1.34
Wireless Status: Enabled
Wireless Standard Channel: 11- 2.462GHZ
Wireless SSID: linksys

--- Dynamic Information ---
LAN Mac Address: 00:21:29:7A:1F:EF
WAN Mac Address: 00:21:29:7A:1F:F1
Wireless Mac Address: 00:21:29:7A:1F:F0


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