Very Hot

  diesel1948 09:51 01 Jul 2005

My computer is getting very hot inside and has started to cut off. The power pack seems to be the area that is hottest, the fan appears to be working on top of processor. Also hot around floppy disk area. Could power pack need replacing and are they hard to fit? What size would it take? 3gig cpu 100+Hd 1gig ram. Any one help.

  ACOLYTE 09:54 01 Jul 2005

Is there only 1 fan the cpu fan? if so maybe installing cooling fans may help reduce the heat
also check at the back of the pc and see if the fan on the PSU is working,they are not hard to put in and for you pc a 450 watt psu should be fine.

  €dstowe 10:42 01 Jul 2005

Have you measured the temperatures or it is just that you think it is hot?

Computers, especially those with AMD processors are designed to run at temperatures up to 60 deg - possibly more without harm. If the PCU overheats it will shut down to save itself from being destroyed.

I assume the floppy drive is close to the hard disk drive - these run at high temperatures as well.

I would suggest, as ACCOLYTE does, that you fit more cooling fans but ensure you do this properly as a wrongly fitted fan can do more harm than good.

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